Diseases Anthrax


Anthrax is an infectious and often deadly disease caused by infection of subcutaneous tissues with Bacillus anthracis, which especially occurs in cattle and in humans who come into contact with cattle or products infected with it, through infection through the skin (where the bacterium causes a swollen, pustular area, often with a black centre, known as pustula maligna) or through the lungs (from inhalation of spores). When one consumes infected meat, infection via the intestines is also possible. The clinical picture gets determined by a sepsis with serious consequences. The disease is marked by haemorrhage and serious effusions in several organs and body cavities and by symptoms of extreme prostration. Anthrax spores might continue to be infectious for several years, even in articles made from infected animal products.

Signs and Symptoms
Skin Infection - Inoculation of spores subcutaneously is the commonest mode of spread, and the incubation period is generally 1 to 3 days. A cutaneous lesion begins as an itching papule which enlarges and forms a vesicle filled with serosanguineous fluid surrounded by gross edema. The lesion is relatively painless and accompanied by slight enlargement of regional lymph nodes. The vesicle dries to form a thick black aschar surrounded by blebs. In endemic areas patients might exhibit only slight constitutional symptoms and little edema but in the non immune individual with high fever, toxemia and fatal septicemia might develop.

Ingestion - When infected meat is eaten an ulcer with surrounding edema might develop in the throat. But often the infection causes a severe, fatal gastroenteritis.

Inhalation - Spread through inhalation is not very common except in individuals working with animal hide and dander. However, this is the way which is potentially most harmful and is the only way in which mass infection can be caused. Such infection can cause acute laryngitis or a virulent hemorrhagic bronchopneumonia.

Homeopathy for Anthrax
In case of anthrax epidemic, homeopathic practitioners will point out that the main problem, we must handle is the fear of contracting the disease and the paranoia in the population. This is because the risk of a person coming in contact with a lethal dose of anthrax is extremely small. There are many homeopathic remedies available that help you to manage your fear, anxiety and panic. Don't panic and take some rescue remedy. If you suspect that you're exposed to anthrax, you must consult a professional, however don't try to self medicate.
Homeopathic practitioners usually treat the symptoms of the disease and can offer you a constitutional remedy that will help you to strengthen your immune system. Time and again it has proved that homeopathic medicines given intelligently and conforming to principle of 'like cures like' don't only cure infectious disease speedily and easily without the development of any complications, but they also prevent these same diseases.

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