Homeopathic Training Institute


Courses in India, Maharashtra Offering By Aditya Hospital

The Training Course

Eligibility :

A desire to learn And Love for Homeopathy!!!!

The AIM :
  • To establish an immovable faith in Homeopathy in students
  • To provide an opportunity to attain practical knowledge
  • To provide exposure to severe pathologies on I.P.D. basis, managed with this alternative medicine
  • To enhance skills of Case-taking, selection of remedy and management of cases
The course includes :
  • Case-taking and working out
  • Management of I.P.D cases
  • Follow ups
  • Lectures by Dr.Nikam
  • Seminars
  • Camps e.g. Leprosy camp, Rural camps.
  • Group discussions with Dr.Nikam where queries of students can be solved
  • Research
Duration : 6 months
Fees : 30,000/-

Contact :
Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital and Healing Centre
Old Kate Pimple Road, Near Shivaji Chawk,
Pimprigaon, Pune - 411017.
Phone - (020) 27412197, 8806061061

Dr. Amarsinha Nikam

'Homoios' which mean similar and 'Pathos' which refers to suffering are the two words from which the word ' Homeopathy' has been derived. It was Samuel Hannemann who first introduced this illustrious medical system to the world in the 18th century. As per this system, the person who is ill is treated by use of a substance that can produce the symptoms of illness in a perfectly healthy individual. This was first introduced to India in the year 1810, with the arrival of German physicians and missionaries. The people of India could immediately relate to this branch of medicine as their principles and beliefs matched with that medical science. This further led to the instant spread of this alternative medicine throughout the country. It was by the start of the twentieth century, that such dispensaries were seen to be functioning in the major Indian cities with more and more people started preferring this treatments. Today, this medical science has been well accepted in India and there are quite few homeopathic training institute in India offering different courses.

Aditya Homeopathic Hospital and Healing Centre also offers different homeopathic courses in Maharashtra. Led by Dr. Amarsinha Nikam, this hospital, along with providing medical care also offers distant courses in this field. The main aim behind providing these courses is to create efficient experts in this medical science to take this legacy forward. Dr. Nikam one of the leading experts in this field in the country has started this hospital in Pimpri, Pune and is the only hospital of this field in the country till date.

There are different courses provided by Dr. Nikam which focuses on the different aspects of this medical science. These courses are completely recognized not only in India but internationally as well. A student interested in pursuing degree of this medical science can enroll into the program and be assured of getting the maximum out of it. The fee charged by Dr. Nikam is also quite reasonable and certainly better than the one charged by different colleges. Dr. Nikam has devoted his entire life towards the upliftment of this medical science in India and offering courses in field is one such step forward.

Today, with many medical students seriously wanting to become a expert doctor of this medical science has changed the scenario. Earlier, every aspirant wanted to do a MBBS course and become an allopath, but with the efforts of doctors such as Dr. Nikam running homeopathic training institute in India, many view it as a serious alternative medicine to allopath. It's this zest towards learning more that has driven many aspirants towards this medical branch. There are some basic foundation courses offered wherein the patients, lay individuals, alternative medicine practitioners and even allopathy doctors besides its students enroll themselves for knowing more about this medical branch and to eventually choose it as a career option.

There has been several instances wherein the students have found our courses better than some of the affiliated colleges. This is because of the professional attitude which Dr. Nikam brings in while teaching this medical science. So, if you want to get enrolled for any of the homeopathic courses in Maharashtra then you need to be quick in getting in touch with us. You can do so by directly calling us on the numbers provided or visiting our hospital.

Everyone is most welcome!!*(conditions apply)

But with empty cups!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You,
Dr. Amarsinha Nikam

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