Why Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital

Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital & Healing Centre in the world’s first hospital admitting emergency, acute & life threatening cases and treating successfully only with classical homeopathy.To run hospital successfully Aditya Homoeopathic hospital take care of :

I. Emergency cases or life threatening cases :

If one fails over here, the mob is going to throw stones over hospital & the doctor.

  • To avoid such circumstances a Homoeopath must be well versed with the knowledge of each & every medicine in Homoeopathy. Most of the Homoeopaths are very confused & are not able to select drug which is right for that patient because of lack of practical knowledge, even not able to understand the seriousness of the patients conditions. This happens because they don’t get proper training in their college.
  • The knowledge of medicine only will not suffice. He or she should also posses a very good clinical knowledge like – Depth of the disease, differential diagnosis, prognosis of the disease.
  • He must be able to indentify weather a patient requires a surgical emergency to save his life.
  • If a diagnosis gets delayed, patient can land in very serious condition & may also lead towards death.
II. For chronic & long standing cases :

A doctor has enough time to give him appointment & enough time for consultation & to understand his physical, general & mental state.

For acute cases - like viral fever, diarrhea, the period of disease is very short. Most Homoeopaths treat skin disease which not always have emergency and are always relaxed & therefore not able to compete with allopathic doctors.

  • Acute Disease
  • General
  • (can get cured in few days)
  • Life threatening
  • (Swine flu, dengue)

In such life threatening disease a mess of a drug can cause death of a patient.
If a doctor has vast knowledge such acute disease can be cured by Homoeopathic medicines. It is all about the understanding of a disease by a physician. He should be all aware & up to date about the disease & its cures.
Since last 16 years I am running Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital & have faced plenty of challenging cases and have treated such emergencies successfully.

III. Reach Easily at Critical Disease Treatment in Maharashtra
  • There are no injections, saline, ICU or ICCU.
  • The atmosphere is that of a large family gathering.
  • The patients take complete rest. They interact with each other freely. New patients see the improvements in earlier admitted patients with their own eyes.
  • This gives a tremendous boost to their moral.
  • They see very severe pathology cases improving very fast.
  • They get tips on life style changes, exercise, diet and the metal block in removed. They become willing to adopt the lifestyle chnages themselves.
For Managing the Hospital
The management of a Hospital must make sure that all patients related enquiries such as :
  • How to get the appointment of a doctor.
  • Which doctor will take the history of a patient.
  • Patient’s registration in Hospital records.
  • Visits of a patient divided into new, follow up & review.
  • If any laboratory test is to be done then the diagnosis details & investigation history to be attached to his profile.

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