Aditya Homeopathic Hospital and Healing Center is the brain child of Dr. A. D. Nikam.

He intensely felt the need for a complete homoeopathic hospital to cater to the needs of the poor & underprivileged section of our society. They simply can not afford the charges of the allopathic hospitals. He had a very strong background in treating emergency and acute conditions early in his practice. With experience the confidence grew in leaps & bounds. In spite of strong opposition from every sector he started the Aditya Homeopathic Hospital and Healing Center on 2nd May 1995 with 4 patients. The rest is now history. Today the hospital has 80 beds and long list of patients waiting for it.

This story started two generations back. Dr Vitthal Nikam was an accomplished Ayurvedic physican. He was also a freedom fighter and a social worker with deep values. He inculcated these values in his children and grandchildren. Dr. D.V. Nikam had an inclination towards politics. Dr Vitthal made him aware the he can achieve his goal through practice of homoeopathy.

Dr. Dattatray Nikam (dada) was a very principled man. The thought of corruption in any form was a taboo to him. he started his own homoeopathic clinic in 1961 in Pimpri Village. it was inaugurated by the Great orator and leader Acharya Atre from Pune. It was The first clinic in Pimpri run by the Zilha Parishad.(Z.P.)

First Clinic by Dr. D.V. Nikam

he practiced only Classical Homoeopathy for forty years from this clinic. He was involved in all social issues. His timely and alert advise and comments kept the politicians and administrators in P.C.M.C. on their toes. His political acumen sorted out many complex and sensitive issues in favor of the common man.

He used to hum a favorite song -

"Apni kahani chhod ja...
Kuchh to nishani chhod ja...
Mausam bita jae ! Mausam bita jae...
Kaun kare ees aor...
Tu phir aaye na aaye...
Kuch to nishani chhod ja...
Apni kahani chhod ja......"

This had a very deep impression on the young and impressionable minds of his children Dr. Amarsinha was no exception. He decided to leave a very strong mark of his personality on this world. The seeds of the thought of a world class privately owned pioneering Homoeopathic hospital were sown. From a very tender age Amarsinha was dedicated to his goal. The path was not easy. But the goal was beconing him like a lighthouse to a ship caught in a storm.

Dr. D. V. Nikam saw the immense potential of his elder son Amarsinha. He enrolled him in the best school in Pune.The Bhave High school (Deccan Gymkhana; now Garaware High school) had a tradition of turning out stalwarts.The teachers inculcated the principles of lasting success on the eager and willing students. He passed his matriculation with flying colors. Dr. Kavishwar a renowned Homoeopathic expert was the Principal of Medical College at Khamgaon. Dr.Amarsinha Nikam graduated with honors and started his practice in a remote village near Pune.

Slowly and steadily he was learning his way. By picking up the threads correctly the base of the hospital was created. Young Amar did not work for money. He was satisfied with 10-15 patients in a day. But he was learning. He was not working for money but he was working to learn the treatment of patients with critical pathology.

He carved out a golden opportunity out of a tough and demanding situation. His father allowed him to practice in Pimpri after 14 years in the wilderness. He started his hospital after 1 year in Pimpri. A dream had come true in a day. But the night of the dream was 14 years long...!!

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