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Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital & Healing Centre in the worlds first hospital admitting emergency, acute & life threatening cases and treating successfully only with classical homeopathy.

  • There are no injections, saline, ICU or ICCU.
  • The atmosphere is that of a large family gathering.
  • The patients take complete rest. They interact with each other freely. New patients see the improvements in earlier admitted patients with their own eyes.
  • This gives a tremendous boost to their moral.
  • They see very severe pathology cases improving very fast.
  • They get tips on life style changes, exercise, diet and the metal block in removed. They become willing to adopt the lifestyle chnages themselves.
Critical Disease Treatment in Maharashtra

A critical disease or illness is quite upsetting to individuals in several ways. The most noticeable is the individual's risk of dying due to the disease, which is frightening for both the sick individual and their family and friends. A critical illness is also distressing financially and several people come under huge financial burden due to the mounting medical bills. This led to the creation of critical disease insurance which helped people pay for such illnesses without coming under financial burden.

There are many people in the country affected by critical illnesses and many get affected by it to a great extent due to the financial inability that leads the disease to grow. In conventional medicine, critical disease treatment at times requires surgery which can mount the medical bills to a great extent. The cost also depends upon how much the person is affected. To opt for critical disease treatment in Maharashtra, ones has to approach a hospital that at times can be too costly. Also, through conventional treatment, i.e. allopath, the disease stands the risk to hit back.

Homeopathy has a more upfront approach towards critical disease as it believes in curing the person as a whole. It targets the individual as a whole rather than only the disease which not only cures the illness but also prevents it from recurring. Dr. Amarsinha Nikam, one of the greats in expert in this field follows this approach and has thus been successful in promoting this medical science to the interiors in Pune and other parts. According to him, any type of critical disease can be cured through this medical science, provided you follow its norms.

He has established a homeopathic hospital in Pimpri, Pune, which is the only one such hospital in the entire country. Through this he has tried to promote this science to the fullest. He has also been quite successful in doing so as he has successfully cured all the diseases right from minor to major ones. Dr. Nikam could do this as he strongly believes that the inner strength of humans is extremely vital as far as protection from critical disease is concerned.

Dr. Nikam has a wide experience in this field, to be precise 30 years of experience in the field started his practice in an extremely remote village in Pune. Today, he is a highly successful doctor as he has treated several critical diseases with utmost ease. Today, he is respected worldwide and is the most sought after, researcher, practitioner, exponent, spokesperson and Guru of homeopathy. He sees critical diseases the same way as he does for the minor illnesses. It's only because of his positive approach towards these diseases that the patients are able to comfortably come out of them. He has a lot of positive energy which spreads all through to his patients and which is the most vital part of it.

It is not like allopath wherein technicalities are more than natural force, but it's more towards healing the inner self. Today, there are many people who approach Dr. Nikam for undergoing critical disease treatment in Maharashtra because they great belief in Dr. Nikam and his approach. If you too are one of them then you can contact us through email or the numbers provided below.

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