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Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital and Healing centre

Very Important information for New patients and Relatives
(Please read very carefully and completely.)

Our procedure of first consultation is very unique and exhaustive. Dr. A. D. Nikam takes new cases for consultation only on next day after 7 am. Please do not request / insist for your consultation before that time. Only Extreme emergency acute / life threatening cases are admitted in the hospital and treated instantly at any time (day or night).

Selection of accurate remedy is vital for the rapid and gentle cure of the patient. There are several thousands of homoeopathic remedies. They can have much different potency (power). One needs absolute quiet and undisturbed atmosphere, lot of concentration and perfect application of intellect to arrive at correct remedy. He daily attends to new patients up to 4pm in the evening. We should bear at least for one night and help him select the exact remedy for our own well being.

Step One :

Please report at the counter and pay initial consultation fee of Rs. 1,500/- to receptionist / sister. Please collect form in Hindi and fill it up as completely as possible. Keep the form with you. Your card will be prepared and given to you later after Sir’s signature. This card is very valuable and you are advised to preserve it carefully.

Patients with prior appointment are given preference. Depending on your number you will be directed to an assistant doctor. They are very well versed in Case Taking; exactly according to Dr. Nikam’s method. Please submit the filled form to him / her. Please tell him all your complaints however minor they may seem to you. The assistant doctor will ask you many questions. This may take about two hours. You are requested to answer truthfully and without any prejudice. All personal data is kept strictly confidential and secured. Your privacy is very important to us.

Step Two :

After complete case history is recorded on paper, the same will be read out to you while a video camera records this session. This is required to confirm the accuracy of the information recorded on paper. You are requested to point out any errors/corrections immediately.

Step Three :

Between 8.30 pm and 9 pm., Dr. A. D. Nikam will review all cases recorded during the day. Depending on the severity of symptoms and / or nature of disease, only Dr. Nikam himself decides the order of first consultation. You are requested to confirm your number and approximate timing via telephone (27412197, 27412549) between 9 pm to 9.30 pm.

Step Four :

After the recording of your complete case history, you are advised to take proper rest and come prepared to the hospital only at the scheduled time given to you. Please do not occupy hospital premises as the day time is reserved for follow up and hospitalized patients only.

There are no other hotels / lodges within walking distance. You are most welcome to lodge anywhere according to your convenience.

Your health is our concern.
Please cooperate with the Hospital to get the best results for you.
Wish you a fast and gentle recovery!
If you are satisfied tell others!
If not please tell us NOW!!

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