Diseases Anxiety Neurosis

Anxiety Neurosis

What do you expect the treatment to do?
Dr Nikam's homeopathic medicines are prescribed on the basis of individual case analysis. You expect as under :
  • Relief in your Anxiety state, panic attacks, sense of well being and sleep
  • Initially, you have to continue your conventional medicines as well, as sudden stopping of it may lead to withdrawals symptoms.
  • Need for the conventional anti-anxiety medicines will reduce or you may be able to even taper it to stop eventually
  • Absolutely safe treatment without side effects
Duration of treatment :
The total length of treatment varies form case to case, depending of the following factors :
  • Severity of Anxiety Neurosis
  • Duration of anxiety disorder
  • Associated disorders such as panic attacks, depression, paranoid state, obsessive trait, etc
  • Current and Previous medication (Anti-anxiety, anti-depression medicines), level of drug dependency
    Most patients with Anxiety Neurosis when receive homeopathic treatment from our center, observe improvement in about four to six weeks. The total length of medication may be anything between six months to two years or longer.
Why homeopathy for Anxiety Neurosis?
  • It works amazingly
  • It is based on the deeper understanding of the patients mind set, his stress coping system and genetic tendency
  • It is free from side effects
  • It is not habit forming
  • It can help you reduce or stop the need for conventional anti-anxiety or anti-depression medicines
  • It does not lead to drug-dependency
How to get started with the treatment?
1.For Online Treatment from Dr. Nikam, kindly send a mail on dr.amar@ahhhc.com and adnikam_hospital@yahoo.com including your diagnosis and current complaints or symptoms along with your detail postal address with contact no. We will inform you the details for the same on your e-mail id.
2. Either if possible to come personally to my hospital for the treatment book an appointment via phone call or e-mail.

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