Success Stories Aplastic Anaemia

Aplastic Anaemia

Case of  Haematologic disorder viz Aplastic Anaemia

I am  22 years old suffering from a Haematologic disorder viz Aplastic Anaemia diagnosed since last 2½ yrs .

I was admitted in I.C.U. in sahyadri hospital and hence consulting was done with photo and details given by brother.
I  was on regular platelet and blood transfusions. I  was given approximately 600  PCV (Packed Cell Volume) and about 1000 plus RDP (Platelets) transfusions in coarse of the disease with no major relief. He also gave an h/o extensive subarachanoid haemorrhage in April 2010.
I had frequent complaints of Generalized weakness ,Intermittent gum bleeding ,Dyspnoea on least exertion ,Fever on and off since 1 yr and Haematuria since 4 days.
After medicine …. In next few days bleeding gums, haematuria, burning micturation subsided, general condition as in appetite, appearance improved. No transfusions were given .
One month after investigation showed raised Hb of 5.6 mg. Another month after Hb had risen to 6.1. There was no bleeding and no transfusion required. Thereafter there was no looking back.

Mr. Yogesh Jagdale
A/P Nira, Narsingpur, Tal. Indapur, Dist. Pune.
Mobile 9960847011


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