Articles Article on Vital Force - Dr.Pradhan Pagaro

Article on Vital Force - Dr.Pradhan Pagaro

Comments of Dr. Pradhan Pagaro on 'Vital Force is Oxygen'

Dr. Amarsinha D. Nikam, a prominent stalwart in the practice of Homoeopathy needs no introduction. His love and passion for Homoeopathy cannot be describes by available words. His infinite thirst to search, reveal and innovate in the field of Homoeopathy is admirable and infatiguable. I am positive that his intelligence would have excelled him in any field of medicine, be it allopathy or any other. I feel homoeopathy is lucky to have him on its side. His love and desire to teach and write books is highly appreciable.

This book ‘Oxygen’ as a vital force is a very important and vital topic to understand the disease and its mechanism with respect to Oxygen molecule in relation to homoeopathic practice and cure.

He has written a very brilliant philosophy about this important molecule making it an interesting reading and also the Past History and the evolution of the understanding of this molecule has been written in a very lucid style.

He has nicely elucidated, extensively the role of Oxygen in various metabolic processes of the cells and tissues of the body.

Oxygen is the basic source of energy in the form of ATP generation via oxidative phosphorylation. This phenomenon has been extensively and beautifully written in this book in a very interesting and readable way which is useful not only for homoeopathy but even allopathy students.

He has brilliantly related the functions of Oxygen to homoeopathic miasms and how the structural changes in cells and tissues are related to miasms and by understanding this, the accurate treatment and cure of patient is possible.

I wish Dr. Amarsinha D. Nikam a very long life to write such inspiring books for the benefit of students as well as for the benefit of homoeopathy which is his real passion.

His intelligence and his ability to accurately take the patient’s history including a very difficult psychological profile and provide a perfect homoeopathic cure, has to be only seen to be believed.

I am positive that his ability to cure patients homeopathically will benefit thousands of people and his books will continue to inspire the coming generations for a long time.

- Dr. Pradhan M. Pagaro.
M.D. [Path], L.L.B.

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