Diseases Ascites Treatment

Ascites Treatment

Ascites (pronounced ah-site-eez) is the secretion of serous fluid in abdominal cavity. It is also known as abdominal dropsy. The extra fluid causes belly to swell.

Causes :

1- Most common cause for this case is cirrhosis. Almost 85% of Ascites patients are reported to have cirrhosis.
2-Portal hypertension which is increased blood pressure in liver veins.
3- Heart Failure.
4 – Advance kidney failure due to retention of fluid in body.
5- Different types of cancers like colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer. It constitutes 10% of cases.
6- If liver is damaged it produces less blood protein, which disrupts the fluid balance. This fluid gets collected in body tissues.
7- Childhood protein malnutrition.
8- Kidney Dialysis.

Signs And Symptoms :
If small amount of fluid is developed, it shows no symptoms. But abdomen swells if the quantity is large. Common symptoms can be generalized as follows:

1- Abdominal swelling and increased waist size.
2- Shortness of breath.
3- Fatigue.
4- Nausea.
5- Ankle swelling
. 6- Indigestion.
7- Abdominal pain.
8- Constipation.
9- Weight loss.
10- Decreased appetite.

Diagnosis :

1- Routine blood count and coagulation should be performed.
2- Diagnostic paracentesis should be performed if ascites is new.
3- The serum-ascites albumin gradient (SAAG).
4- Ultrasound is performed before fluid is removed from the abdomen.
5- Abdominal CT scan to know the exact details of situation.

Homeopathic Remedies :
The first and most important thing is patient should reduce salt intake. Thought it’s difficult as most of the food items have salt, its best to see dietitian. Also care has to be taken that the alternative for the salt doesn’t have the potassium.
Your blood levels and body weight need to be constantly monitored.
Ultimately, the fluid level has to be reduced. If this is not happening by water pills, then major treatments have to be performed. It includes placing shunt in liver to prevent significant fluid accumulation.
It’s a serious condition and in worst case, patient might has to go for liver transplantation.

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