Diseases Asperger's Syndrome

Asperger's Syndrome

Asperger's syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder. These disorders are developmental disorders that affect how an individual behaves, interacts with others, communicates and learns. This condition is milder than autism, however, shares some of its symptoms. It affects an individual's ability to socialize and communicate effectively with others. Children suffering from this condition typically show signs of social awkwardness and an all absorbing interest in particular topics. While this condition has no cure, if your child has the condition, treatment can help him or her learn how to interact more successfully in social situations.

• Engaging in one sided, long conversations without noticing if the listener is listening or trying to change the subject
• Illustrating a fervent obsession with one or two specific, narrow subjects such as weather, bus timings, etc.
• Appearing not to understand, empathize with or be sensitive to other's feelings
• Displaying unusual nonverbal communication, such as lack of eye contact, few facial expressions or awkward body postures and gestures
• Trouble reading social signs and identifying other people's feelings
• Having strange mannerisms or movements, problems with motor skills, avoiding eye contact, etc.
• Being sensitive to certain lights, sounds, textures or tastes

It's not clear as to what causes Asperger's Syndrome, though changes in certain genes might be involved. The disorder also seems to be linked to changes in the structure of the brain. One factor that isn't related with the development of this condition or other autism spectrum disorders is childhood immunizations.

Homeopathy for Asperger's Syndrome
The core signs of this condition cannot be cured. However, several children with this condition grow into happy and well mannered adults. Majority of the children benefit from early specialized interventions that focus on behavior management and social skills training. However, many believe that alternative medication such as homeopathy has been seen to be far more effective in treating this condition. Though not conclusive, one cannot deny the fact homeopathy by far has been accepted as an alternate medication for several severe ailments and Asperger's Syndrome is not an exception.
Homeopathy focuses on treating the individual rather than the disease itself and this condition is the perfect example to do so. Treatment in this condition might also include behavior therapy and can be administered by homeopathic medicines. It also targets the three main symptoms such as poor communication skills, obsessive or repetitive routines and physical clumsiness.

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