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Atopic Dermatitis

Cortisone (Steroid) is no more effective as long–term treatment for Eczema :
  • Steroids may help initially for a short time
  • Steroid lead to relapse of eczema <
  • Steroids treated relapse is more severe, more complex
  • Steroids treated eczema is more difficult to treat
  • It is wise to avoid steroid during any stage of eczema
  • Steroid puts you to the vicious cycle of dependency
  • Steroid dependents have to come out of the vicious cycle
In our experience and as per the medical philosophy of homeopathy, cortisone in any form (oral, systemic or local) is not a wise option for treating eczema. As per the homeopathic approach and the philosophy, cortisone is a suppressing measure and there are all chances of relapse after stopping the use of cortisone It has been observed in daily practice, that, use of cortisone produces dramatic result initially. However, its influence is quite superficial, as the eruptions not only relapse after stopping the steroids, but they relapse more aggressively. The use of steroids is not recommended due to the following observations:
  1. It helps only superficially and temporarily
  2. Stopping of the steroids eventually leads to the reappearance of eruptions
  3. The eruptions, which relapse after the use of steroids, are more resistant than before
  4. The extent of eruptions increases after stopping the steroids in most cases
  5. Steroids produce side effects by hampering the immunity, lowering resistance, disturbing hormonal cycle, etc.
Let us talk a bit more about suppression with cortisone. As we understand, eczema is just an expression of some inner disharmony. Cortisone simply masks the eruption without treating the inner cause. Such a measure is understood to be suppressive. Homeopathy is against any use of local cream for treating any skin disease in general and eczema in particular. Non–suppressive treatment is considered superior for any medical disorder.

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