Diseases Autism


Autism is a complex developmental disorder. It’s a disease which has lots of social stigmas due to lack of information. It’s a neurological defect which affects brain function. Almost every child ahs this condition till he becomes 3 years old. But certain elements aggravate this condition and it reaches the level of risk. They generally face the problem of social interactions, verbal communication like speech impairments. Most of them are also found to be mono maniacs. It is fact growing disease.

Causes :
Even thought research is going on, the theory of causation for autism is incomplete. It is supposes to be the combination of many factors. It is complicated as no two autistic patients have many similar causes.

1. Genetic :
It is strongly believed that autism is related to genes. The risk is much higher in younger child if his elder sibling has the disorder. But yet no particular gene has been identified as the autism causing gene.

2. Birth Condition :
Research also suggests that pre birth environment may give raise to autism. Alcohol or smoking has shown some kind of linking with autism. Even premature birth may be considered as the cause as brain doesn’t get time to develop fully.

3. Lead Exposure :
The presence of Lead in blood vessels is considered to be high. It is been supported by medical reports.

4. Viral Infections :
Studies have shown that viral infection after birth may be the cause for autism. But all the evidences in this respect are anecdotal.

5. Fragile X syndrome :
This is unusual genetic condition that causes large face and ears.

6. Intellectual Disability :
About half of the cases have shown an IQ of 70.

7. Cerebral Palsy :
It affects the brain and nervous system which causes problems of movements and coordination

8. Rettt Syndrome :
It’s a genetic condition which affects girls. It affects physical movements and development.


Early Signs In Babies :

1- Doesn’t make eye contact.
2-Doesn’t play with other kids.
3-Doesn’t follow objects visually.
4- No babbling or baby talk.
5- No response to name.
6- No big smiles.
7- Hand flapping.
8- Repetitive actions.
9- Lining up toys.
10- Spinning in circle.
11- Use language incorrectly.
12- Trouble while communicating.

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