Diseases Brain Fog

Brain Fog

Several people have a common complaint related to their head which is most commonly known as brain or mental fog. Though this condition has not been identified as a diagnosed disease within the sphere of traditional medicine. It's generally defined as 'cognitive dysfunction' or an unusually poor mental condition. The affected people generally experience lack of mental clarity, confusion or an inability to think clearly and concentrate and lack of attention to details. This condition can be seen in both adults and children.

At times, women get this problem during menopause due to hormonal fluctuations in the body. Several times, it can also be experienced as a side effect of certain medications. Given ahead are some most common symptoms that one can experience:

• Decreased attention and concentration
• Loss of mental clarity
• Inability to think clearly
• Lack of spatial awareness, forgetfulness
• Mild depression and anxiety

Brain Fog can be related with many physical and mental or psychiatric conditions. Out of these stress, fatigue and insomnia are the most common causes. Nutritional deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, reduced flow of blood to the brain due to circulatory problems, adrenal exhaustion, allergies and food intolerance, thyroid problems and depression are some of the other causes of brain fog. This condition can also be related with chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic viral infections, candidacies, surplus intake of caffeine and bowel toxicity, either due to food being not digested properly or an inability to eject toxins from the body due to constipation. Besides these, one can get fibromyalgia brain fog as it can lead to the loss of mental clarity along with muscle pain.

Homeopathy for Brain Fog
Homeopathy has a holistic approach towards every disease and focuses on the entire individual rather than the disease or condition. This condition is related with medical condition such as thyroid disorder or adrenal exhaustion, then the homeopath would prescribe you the appropriate treatment for this condition and thus help in curing it. Homeopathy being accepted all over the world has a history of curing several severe ailments by its holistic approach.

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