Mast. B.k


A 6 year old boy came to me last September with the complaints of Convulsions on a daily basis.

This boy experienced the attack of seizure for the first time at a very tender age of 1½ year while he was asleep. He was unconscious during attack, followed by a 2nd attack at the age of 2½ year.

The 3rd attack came at the age of 3½ year and this time it lasted for 7-8 days during which he was unconscious. Till then, he had normal milestones with good intellect, good memory and all normal curiosities which a child usually has, except that he had bilateral Congenital cataract.

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Mast. R. B.

I am presenting to you the challenging case of a boy aged 9 years, diagnosed to be suffering from Dystonia.

This child was absolutely normal up to age of 7 years. But after that he started experiencing pain & stiffness in upper extremities which created difficulty for him in carrying out movements like raising his hand to eat.

Gradually, an abnormal curvature in his spine was observed followed by progression of stiffness to lower extremities. His condition deteriorated to such an extent that he was compelled to remain in bed.

The boy was referred to a physician who diagnosed the condition as generalized Dystonia. But he also added that there was no possible cure for this condition in the medical science.

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Brain Tumour treated successfully…

"Diagnosed to have CHONDROID CHORDOMA (Brain Tumour) in 2002, operated for the same and yet had recurrence and again advised surgery. I came to Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital on 23rd March 2004. The deeper part of tumor was so stony hard that no instrument could break the tumor. So, the Allopathic procedures were abandoned at that stage.

At Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital, gradually my complaints reduced i.e. double vision(diplopia), gait while walking improved. Had gained weight & weakness of (Lt) side of body reduced, frequent attacks of severe headache also disappeared. Within 4–5 months I recovered totally removed from paralysis and had normal power and strength in my extremities. Now I am fine since last 4 yrs, handling my own business.

(Date 20th Aug. 2008)

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No Injections, No Salines.
"Good Bye!! To Surgery….

"Both the hands stopped working. There was no movement in right leg also. I almost became crippled. MRI done. It was found that some fine tissues in the Brain were damaged and required a serious Surgery. Money was no problem. I had been a Finance Manager in Bajaj Auto, and they would have paid the bill gladly. But I wanted a safer route. On 16th June 2008, came here on the advice of a friend. He said that you have seen Hospitals and surgeries, but here you will see some unbelievable results. In a month, now I am alright. Walking independently & functioning of hands restored. It’s a wonder. A wonder of Dr.Nikam. "

(Date 20th July 2008)

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