My wife aged 56 is suffering from D.M. with bilateral Renal failure. She was complaining of breathlessness, weakness, giddiness, dullness with sleepiness.

She underwent 3 dialysis for increased uraemia i.e increased Sr.Creatinine & urea. And as per the nephrologist she would have to either continue the procedure of dialysis hence after once or twice per week or she had to undergo kidney transplant. For her, dialysis was like tying her life to machine and we could not afford kidney transplant. Hence we decided to go with Homoeopathy. We started with Homoeopathic medicine on 16 April 2004.

Gradually her general condition started improving, appetite improved, urine output increased and breathlessness reduced. Sr.Creatinine & urea levels started reducing & since then the levels never rouse & up till now they are constantly under control without any dialysis.

A.B.C. (56 years),
Pune – 411017.

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