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Campaign to save Classical Homoeopathy

Association for the Nurturing & Caring of Classical Homoeopathy

Founder chairman : Dr. A.D. Nikam

Contact us : Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital And Healing Centre, Near Tapovan Mandir, Pimpri Gaon, Pune – 4101017, Maharashtra, India.

Web site :

About us : The association is the brain-child of Dr. A.D. NIkam. He is the shining example of the power and might of classical homoeopathy in the world.

What is the need of such an organization?

At present, there is no organization or support group for helping fresh homoeopaths. They are lost in the vast competitive world of established medical practitioners, clinics, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. They enter into the practice with enthusiasm, compassion, grand ideals and dreams. But soon they find out that the education gained in their colleges and establishing an O.P.D. clinic is not sufficient to fulfill their needs. Then they try different means and methods. Instead of following the path of pure classical homoeopathy they begin to practice poly pharmacy, short cut methods and even illegal prescribing. This situation is extremely harmful for patients in general and classical homoeopathy in particular.

The association aims to help improve this pathetic situation and fulfill the void. Dr. A.D. NIkam with his heartfelt compassion and keen eye for diagnosing the root cause of any problem has taken the necessary initiative in the venture. We appeal to every individual interested in classical homoeopathy to join hands in this noble cause. The contribution of every well-wisher is most appreciated.

Our Vision :

  1. To create awareness about classical homoeopathy as a first choice of medical treatment in emergency, acute, sub-acute, chronic and curable life-threatening diseases.
  2. To help the oppressed and the downtrodden strata of society who absolutely cannot afford the traditional medical treatment.
  3. To save valuable natural resources and reduce the pollution.

Our mission :

We plan to help fresh, developing homoeopaths to establish a successful and stable practice using only pure classical homoeopathy.

About Dr. A. D. Nikam & Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital And Healing Centre :

Unique and only existent Homoeopathic Hospital worldwide ‘Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital and Healing Centre’ is an innovative establishment of Dr. A. D. Nikam.

Being a strong believer and follower of Homoeopathy, Dr. Nikam’s mission is to benefit and treat as many patients as he can by this painless and scientific therapy.

“Aditya” symbolizing ‘Rising Sun’ motivated Dr. Nikam to spread Homoeopathic Science and change the perception of suffering and disheartened patients and to give them rejuvenated healthy life. Dr. Nikam cherished his Hospital for last 16 years, he is not only accommodating life threatening and critical patients in his 80 bedded Hospital but astonishing thing is that he is treating these patients without using even a syringe, saline and any kind of surgery.

Dr. Nikam is a people’s Doctor who dreams of painless uncomplicated world with Homoeopathy being a primary source of all types of treatment.

Dr. Nikam is an Institution in himself believing in thinking and learning process, he doesn’t impose upon trainee students and doctors. He rather inspire them to innovate, explore, and adopt his method.

The brainstorming hard work, irregular duty hours and constant study is to make the trainees understand the depth of treatment and differentiate it from other systems of medicine.

The doors of this hospital are always open to welcome doctors who wish to experience and learn to manage such severe cases.

His 80 bed Hospital is a training school in itself. It gives broader perspective for Doctors and Trainees to study, observe and follow the patient’s recovery all through their training period.

Thus, it is truly raising sun for doctors from different walks of life.

Proposed activities of the Association :

  1. We plan to offer scholarships to deserving under-graduate students (B.H.M.S.)
  2. Lectures.
  3. Group discussions.
  4. Seminars.
  5. Social Camps.
  6. Practical training at Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital and Healing Centre.



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