Case Studies Case Studies 10 : Psoisiasis And Psoriatic arthristis

Case Studies 10 : Psoisiasis And Psoriatic arthristis

         A middle aged man of dark complexion, strong built and of medium height was suffering from severe “PSORIASIS (since 13 yrs) and“PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS” (since 5 yrs). While narrating severity of his sufferings he said he had tried many treatments with well-known dermatologists without any relief. He was highly worried and depressed so much so that, suicidal thoughts were coming constantly in his mind.
         He further added that he is suffering too much. Sometimes when the condition worsens there is intolerable itching and bleeding occurs from skin eruptions, they appear on clothes. And sometimes arthritis pains are so severe that he has to stop the job and someone has to help him to take him to home.
1. Psoriatic patches on the body since 13 yrs.
    Complaints started with dandruff over scalp. Then appeared small white spot gradually increasing in size on(Rt)knee,
    (Rt) elbow joint, (Lt) elbow joint, (Lt) knee then back, thigths­. Itching with scratching followed by burning. Itching was so
    severe that it leads to bleeding. Sometimes white, sticky discharge comes through eruptions after scratching.
    Eruptions over nail also.
    < Damp weather.             > Sleep during.
    < Winter.                          > Cold water application.
    < After scratching.         
    < Sun.
    < Beans.
    < Fish.
    < Mental stress.
    < Warm water application.
2. Joints pain on & offsince 6-7 months.
    Pain especially in interphalangeal joints of hands, and also in wrist joints. Pain was so severe as of scorpion bites.
    Continuous pain whole day.
    < Damp weather.              > Warm water application.
    < Cold water application.
3. Weakness feelingsince 5 yrs.
    < Exertion.                      > Rest.
Past History:
    H/o Gastric ulcer 6yrs back.
    H/o Typhoid in childhood.
    H/o Piles 3 yrs back.
    H/o Injury mark over face (Rt) side since childhood.
Family History:
    Father : H/o Paralysis.
Personal History:
    Diet            : Mixed.
    Appetite     : Good. Can’t tolerate hunger.
    Desire         : Sweets / Pungent / Spicy food / Oily / Chicken / Mutton / Eggs / Fish.
    Food <        : Fish, Beans < Itching.
    Tongue       : Moist, centrally fissured.
    Stomach     : Burning sensation at epigastric region.
                         < Pungent food after.
                         C/o Pain in abdomen, epigastric region sometimes.
                         < Eating after.       > Empty stomach.
    Perspiration : Moderate on axillae, back and abdomen. Offensive, white staining.
    Face        : Wart over nose (Lt) side.
    Sleep       : 9 pm to 5:00 am. Position : Lies on sides.
    Dreams    : Of daily routine.
    Thermal  : Towards Hot.
1. Tell me about your childhood.
I had happy childhood. I was very studious and intelligent, always came with good marks and ranks. Always I liked to prepare and give speech, was a good orator. Earlier and now I like to be artistic with handwritings. Naturewise, I was mild, jovial, very much attached to mother as compared to my brother and sisters. I have one younger brother and three sisters. I am elder amongst them.
2. How is your nature now?
When young I was angry and short tempered. I used to get irritable whenever I faced lies, robberies and deceptions. A feeling of injustice arises. I become restless and dissatisfied unless & until I express it by talking or shouting. I have always remained sincere towards my work and responsibility. I love to be duty bound, I like to be perfect in my duty. I feel, I possess every quality to be in teaching profession. I teach, write and take part in any activity of school requiring me. I can be in a lead role.
3. What all worries or tensions you have?
I am elder amongst my siblings, so most of the responsibilities were on my shoulders. marriages of my brother and sisters were on my shoulders morally and financially. Around 13yrs back was a tense period for me. Actually my sister got divorced as she was facing problems within her inlaws family. I made her to remarry in 2years. But had the burden of loan taken for her marriage.Still she had many problems in her married life.
My father has paralysis since last 10 yrs. So I have to manage the expenses of his medicine. My brother doesn’t pay any attention towards responsibility of father or sister. Being a teacher, with a limited salary I have to manage everything. My wife is also a teacher and she was jobless for 15 yrs, after many efforts she got job since 2 yrs.
4. What makes you scared?
I have fear that whether this disease is curable or not? I fear that I am surely going to die with this disease and worried about my family members.
5. What makes you weep?
I weep many times because of this disease and sufferings. Now, I have lost joy in my life and wants to end the life by comitting suicide. Such thoughts are always there in my mind since few months.
      After giving the first dose, the psoriatic eruptions increased slightly (because of previous suppression). Then, he got relief
      of  his joints pain, which was troubling him a lot. Within 15 days his joints pain subsided totally. He started getting relief of
      his eruptions along with decrease in his itching. His mental condition also improved. Suicidal thoughts due to severe
      sufferings, also vanished and he started getting joy in life. He regained his confidence and doing his job nicely.
      During his follow up he told that now, he can guide / teach his students heartily which has become a difficult task
Give appropriate totality.Explain the miasm of the case. Remedy with reasons.

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