Case Studies Case Studies 12 : RHD

Case Studies 12 : RHD

Homoeopathy is a skill which works beyond the limits of the conventional science.
Success stories with most difficult cases itself are the evidence and facts which proves the genuineness of the art.
All and every concept of Homoeopathy can be clarified scientifically- adds to the authenticity. 
What else is then needed but for, the dedication and perseverance.
Age : 14 yrs.
Sex : Female.

K/C/O :
•      Rheumatic Heart Disease.
•      Severe Mitral Stenosis.
•      Mild Aortic Regurgitation.
•      Pulmonary HTN.
Surgery is the treatment suggested in conventional system which was so in this case also.
She was lean thin and appeared very weak and exhausted. Face dull with pallor.
Her Case history is as follows…….
•      She started with c/o frequent fever with joint pains. 
•      Some short term treatment gave temporary help.
•      No any complaints for almost a year. 
•      There after started with breathlessness and weakness.
•      It was Associated with severe pain in calves which was more obvious on ascending.
•      When investigated she was diagnosed to have RHD with mitral stenosis.
•      cardiologists and surgeons concluded on surgery as being the only option.
·       C/C:
1.   Breathlessness.
< Ascending stairs.
< Exertion.
< Walking while.
2.   Heaviness feeling in legs.
3.   Dry cough with chest pain.
-        Chest pain < while coughing.
-        Lightening type of pain.
4.   Giddiness occasionally.
 < Sun
 < Eye straining
5.   Weakness of memory since childhood.
Has to hunt for words during speaking.
Makes ++mistakes in examinations though not anxious or afraid!
·    Past History :
-     H/o Recurrent cold coryza and cough
-     H/o Typhoid at age of 5 yr.
-     H/o Fever with swelling of joints 5yr. back (Rheumatic fever).
-     Joints complaints (Lt) –(Rt).   
·     Physical Generals :                                                                 
§    Diet           :  Mixed.
§    Appetite    :  Loss of appetite++
§    Desire       :  Sour, Pungent, Meat, Chicken, Spicy.
§    Aversion   : Sweet, Meat. 
§    Thirst        : Thirsty.
§    Bowels      : normal
§    Urine         : no complaints
§    Sleep         : Sound.
§    Thermally : Hot Patient.
·     MIND :
Tell me about your nature?
She didn’t reply. She was quiet, so instead of her, her father replied, “She is very calm and quiet.”
Then after few minutes she replied - I get angry very easily when anybody points at me.
•      Can’t tolerate, if my mother and my aunt compare me with my younger sister.
•      She would do the mistake and I used to get scolding instead of her.
•      Shout on my mother or anyone coming in front of me and after 10-15 min. it goes off.
Anger for anyone?
•      Anger  on my P.T. teacher as she knew that I was not supposed to do exercise, but still she forced me to do it.
•      Used to scold the class and especially to our group. So I used to get angry on her often.
When do you get tensed?
•      As my memory is weak; I am not able to recall things.
•      I am in 7th std. now and 10th class is coming near, I get tensed with the thought of how I will cope with my studies if this thing continues in the same way.  
•      I always feel guilty when I don’t remember the things told by other people.
•      I don’t know how do I forget things?
Tell me about your childhood?
•        Happy childhood.
•        I had no complaints with anyone. 
•        Good relationship with everyone, except for my mom.
•        I thought my mom used to pay more attention to my sister rather than me and still this feeling is there.
How many members are there in your family?
•        In all we are 8 members, my mother, father, grandma, uncle, aunt, me, my younger sister and brother.
•        My brother is very naughty.  He makes mischief in the house, which I don’t like.
•        I scold him and because of this my mom gets angry at me.
How did you came to know about meditation at such small age?
•        I came to know about meditation because of my dad.
•        Since I was in standard 2nd, my dad used to take us along with him to the meditation center.
•        So I developed interest in meditation gradually.
•        Now I have joined the ‘Youngster meditation group’.
•        I feel happy and fresh in that surrounding.
•        It gives me peace of mind.
Do you like to stay in company/ alone?
•        Yes, I love being in company and I have lots of friends and I enjoy chatting with them.
What are your hobbies?
•        I like to hear old songs, playing harmonium and meditation.
What have you thought about your future?
•        I have not at all decided about my future. But I have to do something.
·       My Observation:
-              Slowness / Sluggishness.
-              Weakness of memory (takes time to understand the question.)
-              Seeking for words when in conversation. 
-              Fixidity / Fixed idea.
-              Talkative.
-              Rigidity.
-              Egoistic.
·  Response :       
After giving a single dose, we called her for follow up after 15 days.
When she came,
-   She was looking quite fresh.
-   Her breathlessness, chest pain, cold & coryza were decreased.
-   Pallor decreased.
-   After this she used to come regularly for the follow-up.
-   Her general condition was better day by day.
-   Since she started the treatment, her fever which she used to get often every month stopped totally.    
After 6 months of continuous treatment,
-   All her complaints viz. breathlessness, chest pain, cold -coryza and fever were no more.
-   Now she is feeling better and she passed her 10th std. with good marks and joined the “Interior Designer’’ course and she is doing well.
-   She came for routine check-ups after 6 months, when asked about her health; she said that she is feeling much better.
-   She doesn’t feel exerted.
-   Her daily work starts from 6:30 am to 4:00 pm in the evening.
-   She walks 3 kms daily and is still fresh in the evening.
-   While sharing her experience she said, “In situations where my friends get exhausted I don’t. I am fit and fine.’’
·       One important thing to be mentioned when she came for the first time, in 1999 is that her Hb was 4.8 gms %.
·       Then she left the treatment in 2001, as she was feeling better.
·       Then once she had come with the complaint of cold - coryza and mild fever, when asked about her general condition and Hb.
·       Her general condition were better and her Hb was 10.8 gm%.
·       Her father had accompanied her.
·       He said that, “first she used to get exerted with slightest exertion, very fast, and was lethargic. But now she is very enthusiastic and has become much more confident." 
·       Now she is married and got two kids and is hale and hearty.
  Answer to the case of RHD........

My Observation : 
- Slowness / Sluggishness. 
- Weakness of memory (takes time to understand the question.)
- Seeking for words when in conversation. 
- Fixidity / Fixed idea.
- Talkative. 
- Rigidity. 
- Egoistic.
• Totality : 
- Weakness of memory.
- Tranquility / calmness. 
- Sensitive to noise. 
- Sluggishness / slowness.
- Religious / Meditation. 
- Jealousy.
- Fixidity / Fixed ideas.
- Offended easily.
- Anxiety conscience as if guilty.
- Egoistic. 
- Aversion to mother. 
- Breathlessness < Ascending stairs. 
- Dry cough.
- (Lt) – (Rt).
- Aversion meat.
- Fever < Night.
- Weakness < Slight exertion.
- Thirsty patient.
- In general > Warm.
- Thermal : Hot.
- Miasm : Syphilitic.
• Remedy Selected : THUJA 30
aversion to mother.
Seeking words when in conversation THUJA is a chief remedy in making mistakes in talking and writing. Delicate body and mind easily hurt. Nearest trifle causes peevishness…
Especially THUJA children are more sensitive to criticism for their incapacity to study. Hence they try to odd roads such as meditation and arts even though they are not good performers!!!!
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