Case Studies Case Studies 26 : Case of Ulcerative colitis.

Case Studies 26 : Case of Ulcerative colitis.

Ulcerative colitis is a type of non-specific inflammatory condition of the alimentary canal – large intestine. There is no definite treatment in allopathy because no exact infective agent is proved to be causing this condition, and hence like Rheumatic Arthritis, ulcerative colitis is also believed to be an autoimmune condition. The presenting complaints are frequent stools with mucus and occult blood, with pus cells.
The bowel gradually gets permanently damaged by fibrosis and behaves as a rigid tube incapable of absorbing fluid as well as to store faeces. Antibiotics given by ignorant doctors cause more harm by destroying the bacterial flora. Codeine phosphate or loperamide remain the only helping drugs to minimize the stool frequency but they have a risk to precipitate toxic dilatation of the colon! Steroids given against the ulcers definitely have limitations that they can control one or two episodes but prove helpless further.

The 47 years old well-educated Class I Officer was in a piteous condition since 3 years. He had to defecate minimum 20 times a day, which was affecting his work. He had taken a lot of medicines and also was consulted at a good working group of Homoeopaths. But the exact similimum was not reached and so the medicine failed to relieve him.
He was brought to me by one of my students.

• Investigations :
Colonoscopy :
- Moderate Ulcerative Proctosigmoiditis.

Stool Exam :
Color : Reddish.
Mucus : Present.
Microscopic : RBC : +++
Pus Cells : ++++
Macrophages: +
Occult blood : Present.

• C/C :
1. Diarrhoea since 3 years. 20-22 stools per day.
Colicky pain in abdomen before stools.
< 6-8 a.m.
2-3 stools in mid-day.
< 7-8 p.m.
Stools offensive brown occ. bloodstained.
Microscopic study – RBC++, Pus Cells+++, Mucus++, Occult blood+.
< Meat. > Lying on (Lt) side.
<Milk. > Night sleep during.

2. Fever on & off. With chills.
Thirst++ during chills and heat.
Followed by Cold, clammy perspiration on face, head and chest.

3. Leucodermal spots on extremities since 6 years.
(Lt) hand → (Rt) hand → (Rt) Foot → (Lt) foot, calf & ankle.

4. Headache recurrent.
< Loss of sleep. > Pressure.
< Overexertion mental. > Tight binding.
< Sun.

• Past History :
Severe prolonged coryza for 5 years before 16 years. Suppressed by allopathic drugs.

• Family History :
Father : Carcinoma – death.

• Physical Generals :
 Habit : Tobacco.
 Appetite : Good.
 Desire : Pungent+++, Spicy++, Meat++, Fish+++, Egg, Chicken, Oily, Ice cream, Lemon++, Fruits.
 Food < : Pungent, Spicy, Milk < Diarrhoea.
 Head : Hair fall+ (Baldness).
 Thirst : Thirsty for Large quantities at small Interval, dry mouth.
 Tongue : Dry.
 Perspiration: ++ on chest, back face.
 Stools : Diarrhoea (Ulcerative colitis).
 Urine : Normal.
 Sleep : Unrefreshing since 4 years. Cover up to chest. Occ. cramps in calves and soles.
< Cold air.
 Dreams : Work of.
 Thermal : Towards Chilly but cannot bear extremes.

 Mind :
The man, very well dressed spoke in a very descent manner and was readily giving all information.

1. How is your Nature?
People say that I am an angry person. But I know that I get angry only when there is such reason. I am at a supervisor level at my firm and I have to get work done! If I remain soft and undisciplined, I would be fired.
2. How was your childhood?
It was very nice. I was somewhat short tempered but I enjoyed sports like Badminton, Cricket and especially swimming. When young, I was afraid of Dark and Snakes, but now it's all gone.

3. What about your education?
I have done a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and started doing service at an early age of 19 years. I didn't like to sit idle. I used to work sincerely and that's why I got my promotions easily. Now I am Assistant Manager.

4. How do you behave at the work-office?
I never forget that I am paid to get the work done. I work hard myself and insist that everybody should work had. I am not very popular amongst my juniors, because I complain to the manager when anybody does mistakes in work or delays in job.

5. Any specific tension?
10 years ago, my wife's brother died in an accident...which was very shocking for me. We shared very good relations.

6. Anything else?
Oh Yes! 3 years ago, our firm removed many workers from job for cutting the expenditure. The work that was done previously by 35 persons, we had to handle by only 12 persons. It was a really tough time. I used to be at the office at 7:30 am and there was no exact time at late night that I could return home. I also had to work on the off-days to fill the backlog.

Within a week his stool frequency reduced to 5-6/day, offensiveness decreased and so did the mucus. He started feeling energetic and did not have any fever then after. The white spots on the limbs decreased in size as well as intensity.
The reports revealed normal stools with no pus, mucus or RBC-occult blood. His only concern was the reduced Hb – 7 gm% that was obvious due to the chronic bleeding and inability to rest during the treatment.

Remedy Selected :- CUPRUM ARS. 30
Totality :-
- Fastidious.

- Time punctual - disciplines.
- A/F grief - death of relative.
- Anger.
- Industrious.
- A/f Overexertion, suppression coryza.
- Perspiration :- Chest, face, cold clammy.
- Thirsty patient.
- Diarrhea - pain colicky.
- Stools - reddish, mucous.
- > Binding.
- > Pressure.
- Cramps soles < Cold air.
- > Rest.
- Leucoderma.
- Diarrhoea - painful.
- Thermal : Chilly.
- Miasm : Syco-Syp.

Clinical :-
Cholera diarrhoea ENTERALGIA (Lt) sided.
Characteristics :Intense neuralgic pains abdomen.
> Rest and < motion.
periodicity in symptoms.
Stool anus :Rectal tenesmus with almost constant mucus discharges. Chronic slimy diarrhoea with cramps in abdomen.
Abdomen : Attacks of excruciating pains in bowels occurring every two or three weeks.

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