Case Studies Case Studies 3 : Ulcerative Colitis

Case Studies 3 : Ulcerative Colitis

A female patient, aged 28 yrs, came to me for the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis in September 2007.

Just prior to development of these symptoms, she suffered from Typhoid for which she had taken Allopathic treatment for 15 days. Immediately after 7-8 days of treatment, she started with severe loose motions which were continuous for duration of 6 months. (She was initially treated for this as Infective Colitis, but it gave no relief.) Loose motions were 10-12 times in the day and 5-6 times at night. There after she had complaints of lots of mucus in stool with excessive bleeding associated with severe weakness. Colonoscopy was done and she was diagnosed to have ULCERATIVE COLITIS.

During the attack of colitis, for first 2-3 days, there would only be mucus in stools with great tenesmus and this would be followed by bleeding in stools. The bleeding was so severe that it would pour out as if water from tap. Due to such severe bleeding her Hb level reduced drastically i.e. 6.0 for which she was advised Blood Transfusion. Along with this, complaints of giddiness started and once she had a fall and fractured her nose. High grade fever used to be present along with the attack of colitis.

Once in Sept. 2007, she had a severe attack of ulcerative colitis and was admitted to I.C.U. in multispeciality Hospital, but still the complaints did not reduce at all. For this she was advised various dietary restrictions and had to continue only with liquid diet for her whole life. During this period her neighbor who is my patient, gave her the address and she came to me for the treatment.

Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammation of the large intestine (colon). The colon is the part of the digestive system where waste material is stored. The rectum is the end of the colon adjacent to the anus. In patients with ulcerative colitis, ulcers and inflammation of the inner lining of the colon lead to symptoms of abdominal pain, diarrhea, and rectal bleeding.

Ulcerative colitis is caused by abnormal activation of the immune system in the intestines. Common symptoms of ulcerative colitis include rectal bleeding and diarrhea.

Blood loss from the inflamed intestines can lead to anemia and may require treatment with iron supplements or even blood transfusions.
Colon cancer is a recognized complication of chronic ulcerative colitis.

Medications :
According to modern science, ulcerative colitis cannot be cured by medication, the goals of treatment with medication are to

  1. induce remissions,
  2. maintain remissions,
  3. minimize side effects of treatment, and
  4. improve the quality of life.

Investigations :

28.04.2005 : Colonoscopy Report
Inflammatory Bowel Disease involving (Lt) sided colon.

02.05.2005 : Histopathology Report
Biopsy from (Lt) sided colon-Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Ulcerative Colitis.

Her complaints in detail were as follows :

C/C :

  1. Dysentery on & off ∵ 3 yrs.
    • During this attack, it starts with loose stools with mucus followed by bloody discharge.
    • Frequency : 10-12 times/day & 5-6 times/night.
    • Character of stool : Watery, sticky with thick mucus along with blood. Sometimes containing nothing but only blood & mucus.
    • Before stool sensation as if intestines were twisted, severe tenesmus.
      • < Spicy.
      • < Fruits.
    • Abdomen pain with perspiration all over the body.
    • Perspiration before & after stool.
    • It is associated with fever & weakness.
  2. Cough ∵ 3 - 4 days. (H/O Cough on & off.)
    Dry cough.
    • Fanning with covering.
    • Sitting with leaning backward.
    • < Lying down.
    • < Night.
  3. Weakness feeling on & off.
    Also pain in calves on & off ∵ CHD.
    • Hard pressure.
    • Covering.
    • Rubbing.

Past History :

  • H/o Typhoid 3 yrs back.
  • H/o tonsillectomy at age of 11 yrs.
  • H/o Poisoning before 10 yrs.
  • H/o # nasal bone.

Family History :

Mother : Br. Asthma.
Father : D.M., Multi Vessel Disease. H/o Bypass done.

Personal History :

  • Diet : Mixed.
  • Appetite : Good. Can’t wait for food.
  • Desire : Chicken+++, Mutton+++, Pungent.
  • Aversion : Fruits, Ice-Cream, Sour, Vegetables.
  • Food : Spicy
  • Fruits : < Loose motions.
  • Head : Dandruff++ ∵ many yrs with retarded hair growth.
  • Ear : C/o Puncture of membrane of (Lt) ear ∵ childhood. Watery discharge through (Lt) ear on & off.
  • Thirst : Thirsty. S.Q.S.I.
  • Perspiration : Scanty over chest & back.
  • Sleep : Unrefreshing sleep
  • Position : Lies on abdomen.
  • Dreams : Of operation of abdomen & throat. Of daily routine.
  • Female : Menses 2-3/ 25 days.
    Bright red coloured, scanty menses.
    C/o Leucorrhoea after menses – whitish, thin, sticky discharge.
  • Thermal : AMBITHERMAL (Towards Hot).


1. How was your childhood?
My childhood was happy. I was the elder daughter in family and have a younger brother, 1 step sister & 2 step brothers. I was very obstinate by nature, wanted all things to be done as per my wish. If not done, I would get very angry (furious) such that I would throw things, hit anyone. Anger was so much that I would complain to my father about anyone like my step mother or brother or sister and unless he scolded them or beat them, I would not calm down. I was very dominating in the family, courageous, also a much pampered child. I wasn’t very much interested in studies. Failed in 10th std and tried to commit suicide.

2. How is your married life?
I got married at age of 18 yrs. It was an inter-cast love marriage. After marriage, we had a joint family; but there used to be conflicts with in-laws and due to this I had attempted to commit suicide. My mother-in-law was not happy as it was an inter-cast love marriage & also no dowry was given by my parents. Due to daily conflicts, we moved out.
Just 4 months back, my mother-in-law was diagnosed to have Oesophageal Cancer, so we came back to live with them and since then my complaints have increased in intensity.

3. Tell me about your nature?
Even now I am very short tempered, I get angry very easily. I get angry when things are done against my will. I express my anger by throwing things, shouting or beating children. The anger is so much that unless my husband or my father makes me understand or consoles me, I don’t feel better. If anyone criticizes me I give a rude reply to that person no matter how much it may hurt them.
Her husband added that she is also very caring by nature. Very anxious about children, about their health, whenever they are ill, she takes a lot of care about them. She is tensed even about my health as I have chest pain on & off.
She further added that she is worried about her father’s health as he is Cardiac patient and has undergone a bypass surgery. My brother is a drunkard, comes home and uses bad language for my father which makes me angry.

4. When do you feel sad or weep?
I weep on reading sentimental books or while watching emotional scenes; also when things are done against my will. I feel better after weeping.

5. What are your hobbies?
I love reading novels which are emotional. I also like listening to music. I am not very interested in household work.

6. Do you have any tension or worries?
At present there is tension only about family members but 3 yrs back, there were tensions about money matters as our financial condition was not good.
I had to work to cope up with the situation.

Remedy with Response of the case of Ulcerative Colitis

Totality :

  • Dominating / Dictatorial.
  • Hasty talk.
  • Obstinate.
  • Censorious.
  • Anxiety about father, husband & children.
  • Ambithermal (Towards Hot).
  • Tenesmus before stool.
  • Bloody stools with mucus.
  • Violent anger (Temper tantrums).
  • H/o Suicidal attempt.
  • H/o Poisoning.
  • Desire : Chicken+++, Mutton+++, Pungent.
  • C/o (Lt) ear Otitis Media.
  • Perspiration before & after stool.

Remedy Selected : MERC COR 30.

Response :

After giving a single dose of medicine, she was advised to get admitted to the hospital but she refused due to some reason. So she was advised frequent follow ups and to start semi-solid diet like dal-rice.

On 3rd day, when she came for follow up, she said that her loose motions had completely stopped and after almost 4 yrs, she had passed normal stool.

In her next follow ups she had no complaints and her diet had gradually increased to a complete normal diet within a month. She was also allowed to take her favorite dish i.e. non-veg.

Till today, she comes regularly for follow up and has never complained of abdominal pain, blood in stools or increased frequency of stool.

Now her appetite is good, she performs all her daily house-hold activities, can travel and her Hb% have risen from 6 to 10 gm% without any blood transfusion.

Even on mental level, changes have been seen where she has become more tolerant and her anger has reduced in intensity.

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