Case Studies Case Studies 5 : Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Remedy and Response

Case Studies 5 : Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Remedy and Response

Mind :

Tell me about your childhood…

I have stayed in a village. Financial condition was average. I was good in studies. I have studied 12th Science. I wanted to be a doctor but I couldn’t due to weak financial condition.
By nature I was mild. I never liked to be much amongst people. I always had few selected friends.
I was short tempered. I never liked anyone contradicting me, criticizing or doing wrong to me.

What are your present situations?

I got married 3 yrs back. I had 2 sons one out of which 1 passed away just 3 days after birth.
We stay as nuclear family. At present I am working in a pediatric hospital. I have got good experience here. I can manage most of the work in hospital. I am well worse with many medical procedures. Financially things are working good.
I do have a plan to set a business.

Tell me about your nature …

I am mild. I do feel bad if someone teases, criticizes, contradicts or does wrong to me, which is the case many a times in hospital, but I never react to them. If such incidence occurs in office I directly inform to the seniors and they take appropriate actions.
I still don’t much prefer to be in people. I don’t like people sympathizing me. I hardly have any friends but I am fine with it. I share a good relation with my family members.
I like cleanliness and to follow time.

What are your Worries?

I feel worried about son’s future. I do feel sad about not able to study more after 12th because of poor financial condition. I started doing job very early.
I want to start a new business. Meanwhile my brain is occupied with these thoughts. I want to work hard and develop a good business.

Find out that remedy with a proper totality and miasm………..

Remedy with Response of the case of " Irritable Bowel Syndrome "


Remedy with Response of the case of " Occlusive Irritable Bowel Syndrome"  

Totality :

  • Industrious.
  • Ambitious.
  • Sensitiveness lack.
  • Increased bowel Activity< (< slightest motion )
  • < Waking (
  • < Rest (< sleep after)
  • Stool offensive.
  • Perspiration – single part (eyes).
  • A/F : Ambition, Anxiety.
  • Anxiety Planning new business.
  • MIASM : Psoric to Sycotubercular. (Jumping Miasm)

Remedy Selected : BRYONIA 30

Response :

Patient had a quick relief of his long standing complaints. From the very second day of medication frequency of motions reduced. Patient had tried all and every type of medicines which had given no relief in last 2 yrs and hence, a quick relief by such small pills was an astonishing experience for him.

He had got rid of his irksome headache.

In next few days loose stools and frequency both had stopped. He could have food properly. It was a big mental as well as physical relief for him……

D / D :

SULPHUR, NATRUM MUR : It is very close to the case but one point is enough to differentiate that is slightest motion aggravate.

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