Case Studies Case Studies 6 : Chronic Migraine

Case Studies 6 : Chronic Migraine

Remedy with Response of the case of "Chronic Migraine"

Totality :

  • Forsaken feeling.
  • Sensitive.
  • Hurried.
  • Submissive.
  • Anger with vexation.
  • Friendless feeling.
  • Homesickness.
  • A/f departure from native place.
  • Headache < touch, Sun.
  • Pain in both heels.
  • Recurrent cold & tonsillitis.
  • Hyperacidity : burning chest & abdomen.
  • Obesity.
  • Desire : Meat, chicken, cold food.
  • Thirsty.
  • Tongue : Thick white coated with a red strip in centre.
  • < Air draft.

Remedy Selected : SARSAPARILLA 30

As per the totality & his friendless feeling, I selected SARSAPARILLA.

A week later, he came back with absolutely no improvement. The next 5 months, considering the additional information, I tried with Pulsatilla 30, Lachesis 30, Stannum Met 30, and Arg.Nit 30 without any positive result.

All these remedies failed to help him so I took the reconsultation. The mind symptoms were the same. Then I got an important clue... I asked his mother what was his exact state of mind during the attack of pain?

She said, “He gets very angry during the pain. He cannot bear the slightest noise or anybody stepping inside his room. Normally, he is afraid of his father, but when in pain, he even screams at him without any fear. His face turns red hot when angry... I fear since such anger is not good for a boy at his age (10 years).”

Now I realized that I have to give the remedy, which covered violent anger. I searched for the rubric – Discoloration of face – pain when and found “CHAM” in the listed remedy. Considering the over sensitivity and red-hot face, I came to CHAMOMILLA 30

Remedy Selected : CHAMOMILLA 30

(After Reconsultation)

Response :

  • The next week he did not come for follow-up. His father rang up & informed that he was feeling better and he would be glad if the medicine was sent by courier...The next month the same thing happened... and it continued till 13.05.2006. They came & said that he had a slight headache after 1½ yrs. It was after coming back from a summer camp.
  • He had no attack of headache during this whole period. His backache and hyperacidity was reduced considerably.
  • I repeated CHAMOMILLA 30 and advised him to avoid Sun exposure during summer.

This was a difficult case because he had already taken Homoeopathic treatment from other eminent homoeopaths who had tried: ARS, BRY, NM, IGN, KALI -  CYAN, CANTH, PLUMB, APIS, GLONOINE...

I do not underestimate them but just want to point out the importance of careful case taking especially thermal, miasm & symptoms like DURING AN ATTACK ; (Excess anger in this case) so that the correct Similimum becomes clear.

D / D :

FERRUM PHOS : It does not have this over sensitivity to pain. Ferrum Phos acts more on (Rt) side. Also the anger is not prominent as in Chamomilla. Ferr Phos has marked bleeding tendency.

FERRUM MET : It is also oversensitive, which represents unbearable throbbing continuous pain with markedly red face. Ferr. body is stout, obese with well-built muscles. Yet the activity is vigorous…but the angry expressions are important. Ferr. is < noise (slight crackling of paper). Also Ferrum is a Chilly remedy.

Note : In Clarke Materia Medica: He explains in his Causation Section - Dentition, Anger, Pain, Indigestion. CHAM state is characterized by great agitation, tossing about, with great sensitivity to external offence. The violent anger of CHAM repeals all his friends and as CHAM is a 3-mark remedy in COMPANY AVERSION.

This misleads me to rubric FRIENDLESS FEELING due to which I prescribed SARSAPARILLA.

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