Case Studies Case Studies 7 : Spindle Cell Carcinoma

Case Studies 7 : Spindle Cell Carcinoma

Remedy with Response of the case of " Spindle Cell Carcinoma "

Observation :

I observed the behavior of the baby. He was trying to scratch different parts of body, a number of times. I captured this typical body language and activities.

I felt that the boy was very hyperactive and restless and even wanted to be carried by family members. Another thing that I observed was that he was not only weeping but also screaming loudly. His parents tried to calm him and he did so at a gradual pace. But I was astonished seeing the patient’s behavior just while sitting on his father’s lap; he was stretching his arms to get hold of anything that was on the table. He picked up the receiver and tried to stretch the telephone wire. Few moments later, he suddenly turned back and happily looked at a flower – garland on Lord Ganpati’s photo-frame. The next moment, he stretched out to hold that garland. He reached it and pulled it. I was observing all his actions silently. His parents watched helplessly and smiled.

Totality :

  • Anger - irascibility.
  • Biting things.
  • Irritable.
  • Restless.
  • Excitable.
  • Shrieking, screaming, shouting, and violent.
  • Gesture makes - picks at raw areas.
  • Gestures – grasping / reaching at something.
  • Discharges acrid.
  • Itching at raw area.
  • Scratching himself.
  • Desire : Sweet.
  • Thirsty.

Remedy Selected :

It wasn’t an easy prescription, many remedies like CINA were possible but I decided to give ARUM TRIPHYLLUM 30, which covers the totality.

Response :

I told them to report back after 15 days. When he returned the wound was nearly healed with no discharge at all. The itching had reduced considerably and the baby was sleeping very well. I warned the parents not to use any local creams or powders and asked them to keep regular follow up.

On the next follow-up, the wound healed completely within a month with total disappearance of itching. Now he is a chubby, healthy boy going to school doing all the vigorous activities like running, playing cricket and that too without any pain in leg. The swelling never recurred and the boy has become quite calm in nature, much to the delight of his parents.

D / D :

CINA : Is also similar in these itching symptoms. It is equally irritable, restless but more cranky. The obstinacy is of a higher grade, not satisfied by anything. Besides being a Towards Hot drug CINA has < open and cold air and does not have such acrid discharges.


ARUM TRIPHYLLUM : In Clarke Materia Medica :

Characteristics :

  • Excitable and irritable in mind and body.
  • Scarlatina of malignant type.
  • Raw, bloody surfaces with itching. Picks itching areas until they bleed.
  • All discharges are acrid.

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