Case Studies Case Studies 8 : Thrombosis

Case Studies 8 : Thrombosis


This patient was treated in an acute emergency by Homoeopathy only by observing his photograph and the telephonic consultation with his son from Nagpur. This patient had 100% OCCLUSIVE THROMBOSIS IN BRACHIAL ARTERY extending to radial and ulnar branch.

This is the best example, which shows how Homoeopathy works in an acute, and life threatening emergencies. With the help of our established materia medica, the impending danger of the invasive surgery was totally avoided with the exact dose of Homoeopathic remedy.

Thrombosis :

It is the formation or presence of a blood clot within the vascular system. It is a life-threatening event because the clot can occlude a vessel and stop the blood supply to an organ or a part. If a large artery in one of the extremities such as the arm is suddenly obstructed, the part becomes cold, pale, and bluish and pulse disappears below the obstructed sites.

Gangrene of the digits or of whole limb may ensue, due to deprivation of that part of oxygen, nutrition & warmth. The toxins produced in this gangrenous site, if circulated in the body through the veins may threaten sudden toxemia & death. Hence to avoid the amputation, an EMERGENCY operation for the removal of the blockage has to be performed.

History is given by his son……

Consultation was done on the information given by his son on telephone, which was as follows:

Complaints of..

Pain : Lt. hand Lancinating – extending downwards from elbow to fingers. (Cry for oxygen by deprived cells).
Onset : Sudden.

Pain along with coldness & numbness of hand.
< Cold Air. > Warm application.
< Touch > When Occupied.
< Movement.  
< Pressure.  
< Wetting the part.  

The Vascular surgeon had advised amputation as early as possible because radial pulsation was not felt at the (Lt) wrist.


The color Doppler reports :

ACUTE COMPLETE 100% OCCLUSIVE THROMBOSIS IN BRACHIAL ARTERY extending to radial and ulnar branch.

Past History :

  • D.M. since 15 yrs.
  • H/o traumatic pain in chest (Rt) side in 1986.

Physical Generals :

Appetite : Now diminished.
Desire : Meat+, Milk++, Spicy++, Bitter++
Aversion : Sour, Dal.
Food< : Sour < diarrhoea, eggs < diarrhoea.
Thirst : Moderate.
Perspiration : Over face & chest, moderate.
Sleep : Sound. 10 pm to 4 am, lies on (Rt) side.
Thermal : Towards HOT patient.

Mind :

How is his nature?
He is short-tempered and does not like others disobeying him. He wants punctuality. He himself works very hard and expects others to do the same. But, at the same time, he is also very caring and becomes upset if any family members are ill.

Tell me how his life has been so far?
He has been through many hardships since childhood but he never complains about that. He leads a good simple life and is very attached to all of us (3 sons and 1 daughter). He worked very hard to build a house for all of us.

Any particular tension?
Yes. Some years ago his brother deceived him and occupied some part of our property. Yet, father forgave him and bears no grudges. He has retired but still he gives the whole pension for our joint family.

What does he feels sad about?
My brother has not studied much and is not earning enough. Father is worried about him. He provides them money and everything they need.
Also my sister has no child. He is constantly worried about that.

His hobbies?
Nothing specific. Sometimes he visits temples, for Bhajans. He believes that work is God. He likes to roam in the open air. He doesn’t like to sit in a closed room.

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