Case Studies Case Studies 9 : Wilson's Disease

Case Studies 9 : Wilson's Disease

Case of ‘ Wilson's Disease’ :

AGE : 14 yr

SEX : Female

DIAGNOSIS : ‘Wilson’s Disease’.

She was admitted in a renowned super specialty hospital in Pune where the routine allopathic drugs failed to provoke a positive response.

The specialists there had declared that nothing further could be done since there was pancytopenia with platelet depletion (Heavy hemorrhage) and also septicaemia due to bacterial peritonitis.

Appearance of the patient and case history :

  • The patient sitting in front of me was a pale, lean-thin girl with very sharp eyes and active perception.
  • Her intelligence prevailed despite of her grave condition. This girl came from a semi-rural background; a village, very near Pune city.
  • She had a bob-cut, with dry lusterless hair. She wore a frock with flower-print. She was a well-mannered girl, compared to her arrogant father. I found her gait disturbed since both her knees were internally rotated which interlocked while walking.
  • She was admitted for a corrective operation for her knees but suddenly she showed some symptoms (Chills with Fever, bloody sputum, blood in stool) for which she was investigated to confirm the diagnosis of Wilson’s disease.

Wilson's Disease :

  • Hereditary syndrome transmitted as an autosomal recessive trait in which a decrease of ceruloplasmin permits accumulation of copper in various organs (brain, liver, kidney & cornea) associated with increased intestinal absorption of copper.
  • This syndrome is characterized by degenerative changes in the brain, cirrhosis of liver, haemolysis, splenomegaly, tremor, muscular rigidity, involuntary movements, spastic contractures, psychic disturbances, dysphagia, progressive weakness & emaciation.
  • Life-long D-penicillamine treatment is the only option in allopathy (Its prolong use may cause – iron deficiency anaemia),
  • The other being Liver transplant which costs about one crore Indian rupees while the Post transplant expenditure is more than 2 thousand/day, including all immunosuppressive drugs to avoid organ rejection.
  • It is a boon that Homoeopathy is based to cure the person and not the disease. The disease by any name is never frightening for any eminent Homoeopath.

Her complaints were…

Pain in abdomen - epigastric region.

Nature of Pain : Lightening with sudden onset and decline.

< Lying on back. > Lying on sides.
< 9:30 pm . > Bending double.
< Jerk.  
< Movement.  
< Sitting.  

Pain in calves, severe aching.

< Morning. > Warm bath after.
< Waking on.  

Pitting oedema on both ankles.

< Prolong sitting. > Walking.
< Hanging legs.  

Trembling of lower limbs > Pressure.

Backache - Aching pain.

< Walking. > Lying down.
< Squatting. > Rest
< Ascending & descending stairs.  

Bleeding from body orifices i.e. nose, rectum etc.

  • P/R bleeding (Blood in stool) since 1 month.
  • Bloody sputum & blood from nose since 1 month.

Deformity in both knees. (Lt) to (Rt) disturbed gait…knees interlocked while walking. Cannot ascend stairs at all.


Urine : Urinary copper: 357-mcg/24 hrs.
Ceruloplasmin : 16 mg.

Blood : HB: 6.2 gm%
TLC: 5000/mm3
Platelet : 56,000/ mm3
[ Just 1 month before platelets were adequate. HB : 9.2 ]

Bone Marrow : Spur cells. Hypo cellular marrow & megakaryocytes.

USG abdomen & pelvis : Shrunken liver with chronic parenchymal destruction with raised portal pressure. Cirrhotic changes.

Past History :

  • Chicken pox & measles in childhood.
  • Weight loss since 3 years.
  • Fall on back 3 years ago, injury to spine.

Physical Generals :

Appetite : Normal.
Desire : Meat++, Spicy+++, Milk++, Green Vegetable.
Aversion : Sweet+, Bitter.
Thirst : Thirsty. Small quantity at small intervals.
Eyes : Bluish (Bil) – Kaiser Fleischer ring on cornea (indication of Wilson’s disease).
Bowel : P/R bleeding since 1 month.
Perspiration : Decreased.
Sleep : Sound. Lying on abdomen. Covering required all over the body.
Dreams : Of family members.
Thermal : CHILLY patient.

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