Case Studies Case studies 14 : Optic Nerve Atrophy

Case studies 14 : Optic Nerve Atrophy

Another new interesting case to scratch your brains. These are few of the gems from sirs treasure. It will be very helpful for practice. Active respose is expected. All the best
76 years old cheerful and strong old man from the creamy layer of society had approached me for consultation. His vision diminished suddenly before 3 months. The ophthalmologist diagnosed it as the “Optic Nerve Atrophy” (Senile) and declared that nothing could be done at this age. Along with this he was also suffering from B.E.P.
Optic Nerve: It is a sensory 2nd cranial nerve covered with meninges. It can transfer the CSF pressure changes to the nerve head in eye causing optic disc swelling. It is also important that the entire eye is supplied by only a single optic nerve, damage of which causes total blindness. The main reasons of optic nerve damage are optic neuritis, tumor behind orbit, toxins, head injury, increased intraoccular pressure and raised intracranial pressure. In optic nerve atrophy there is loss of axons and decreased vascularity of nerve head.
I started the case after giving him a brief introduction so as to how Homoeopathy works and told him that it was necessary for him to give answers in details for all the questions asked.
C/C : 
Dim vision of (Rt) eye since 3 months.
Symptoms started suddenly 3 months before with itching and redness of eye. No burning or lachrymation.
< Sun exposure.                                    > Cold wind.
< Afternoon.                                         > Rubbing.
< Artificial light.
Cramps in calves since 2 – 3 yrs. (Rt) to (Lt).
< Night.                                                > Tight bandaging.
< Sleep during.
< Stretching the legs.
< After continuous walking.
Pain in both knees since 1 yr. (Rt)       (Lt).
< Exertion.                                            > Rubbing.
< Prolong sitting.                                  > Bandaging.
< Prolong standing.
< Morning waking on.
Past History:
-       H/o Cough with expectoration at times.

Physical Generals:
  Habit             : Of tobacco and betel nut.
  Diet               : Mixed.
  Appetite        : Good.
  Desire           : Salt, Sweet++, Spicy, Chicken++, Meat, Fish, Eggs, Cold Drinks, Sour.
  Tongue         : Dry with central fissure.
  Thirst            : Thirsty++ for cold water - L.Q.S.I.
  Perspiration  : Profuse since 2 months > fanning.
  Urine             : Urgency & frequency of urination since 2 yrs.
                         Frequency at night 7 – 8 times and 10 – 12 times in a day (Symptoms of B.E.P.).
  Sleep            : Sleepiness < After eating. 1 pm to 3 pm, Position: Lies on sides.
  Extremities    : Burning soles > uncovering.
  Thermal        : HOT.  < Sun.   > Open air.
He was confident and impatient in giving the answers. His broad face was always wearing a broad smile as well.
How is your nature?
I am a sort of very social person. I behave kindly with all people; let them be rich or poor. I never feel like using my status or money to disgrace anybody. I also taught my children to respect every person.
How was your childhood?
It was quite happy. I am the eldest amongst 6 brothers and a sister. I had studied up to 8th std. Our daily routine was to enjoy and work. After 8th, I left education and started working in a private company. It was not that money was needed, but I found myself guilty and wanted to help my father. My father got me married early and then I became still more responsible.
Any specific tension?
My mother and father died in the same year, in 2000. I felt as if I had lost everything of mine and there can be no tomorrow at all.
Any major tension in recent times?
My wife is having cancer for past 2 years. She also has D.M. and HTN. I worry about her. Also recently my elder son met with a road accident and had to be operated for 2-3 times...He is still limping and walking with the support of stick. Being the eldest in the family, the responsibility of bringing up the brothers were mine. And now, they are asking for division of the property which is hurting me as I want everybody together.
What about your daily schedule?
Now I am retired. My children earn good money. They ask me to go for religious trips and I also like it. But I want my whole family around me and enjoying the day made available by almighty GOD. We don't know what is kept in reserved for us in future. So I want everybody to live happily in the present moment. Even today, I accompany my driver to leave and pick up my granddaughters from their college. I think in today's harsh world, you should not believe anybody. My grand daughters are precious for me.
I gave him a single dose in 30 potency and called him back after 15 days. He came back with not much improvement; yet, he admitted that he was feeling more energetic than earlier. Being sure of the remedy, I gave him placebo and called him again after a month. But he came a week earlier with a happy smile saying that there was much improvement in the vision. His consultant ophthalmologist was wondered seeing the result.
Now he travels all around.
A single dose of 30 potency has thus poured life in his dying optic nerve!!
Along with this his cramps in calves, knee joint pain, poor bladder control with urgency and frequency of urination also get relived.

-         Anxiety others.
-         Care - worries full of.
-         Family oriented.
-         Enjoyment desire.
-         Social.
-         Industrious.
-         Desire: Sweets, Chicken.
-         Thirsty for cold water.
-         > Open air.
-         Burning soles.
-         (Rt) to (Lt) complaints.
-         Urine urgency with frequency.
-         Desire Tobacco, betel nut.
-         Thermal :HOT.
-         Miasm :SYPHILIS.
·        Remedy Selected: KALI - SULPH 30.

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