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"The visit to Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital in December was a wonderful experience, & I am so amazed by the progress you have made with the hospital, and also with your plans to develop. There is a huge difference in the way that you work. The devotion of your students towards you, the hospital and the patients has no comparison in the city here. I think your hospital is indeed unique. Your book is an extraordinary testament to your work.

I feel that it is not only the remedy at work, but also your extreme dedication. Here, we would never see cases like the ones you described. It is very difficult for me to be able to express how humbled I feel by the amount of knowledge you have at your fingertips. The depth of Pathology you have been treating is astounding."

Kerry Larkman, London, U.K. 25 Jan.2004.

"It is very astonishing to see how Homoeopathy works in the advanced deformities & Leprotic Neuropathic cases. The patients recovered mentally as well."

Dr. Sharad Sabnis, Medical Officer, Leprosy Unit, Dr. Bandorawala’s
Maharashtra Govt. Leprosy Hospital, Yewalewadi, Kondhwa, Pune.

"Dr. Nikam’s books are must read for every Homoeopath as very few books have gone into such philosophical depths. They thus meet a long felt need in the world of Homoeopathy. His Manifestation of Miasm is an invaluable addition to Homoeopathic library, serving as a missing link between rubrics, meaning and miasms."

Australian Homoeopath.

"Even terminal cases are recovering fast after coming in the care of Dr. Nikam."

Lt.General A.K.Chopra,
Commandant, National Defense Academy, Khadkwasla, Pune.

"I appreciate Dr. Nikam’s dedicated and selfless service to mankind. He is a ‘Mesiha’ for the sick & ailing. I wish him all the best."

Col. Shivajee Solanki.

"I am highly impressed."

Dr. Mrs. S.Ghate, Chief Medical Officer,
Senior Superintendent of Police, C.R.P.F. Talegaon, Pune. 27 March 2008.

"I am tremendously impressed by the achievements made by Dr. Nikam in the field of Homoeopathy. It is unbelievable that the chronic cases are cured miraculously by the Homoeopathic treatment."

Dr. S.F. Patil, Vice Chancellor , Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune.

"Dr. Amarsinh Nikam has done what no one else ever did or tried to do in our Asian sub continent – i.e. to convert Homoeopathic Clinics into Hospital. It is the sole endeavor of Dr. Amarsinh Nikam to exhibit the power of homoeopathy even in acute emergency, ICU cases. Born in 1994, Aditya Hospital is still the only full-fledged Homoeopathic Hospital in Asia. It was again a precipitate of confidence and expertise. Dr. Amarsinh Nikam was often called to various ICUs of reputed Hospitals of Pune to handle complex emergency cases using Homoeopathy... It went on for almost 14 years, before the idea struck to let Homoeopathy do all by itself in its own exclusive Hospital. "

Dr. Arun Jadhav.
Principal, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune.

"A boon for the patients and their relatives, Homoeopathy is bringing medicines within the reach of a vast majority of people. The cost of life threatening heart attack treatment in Allopathic system almost ranges from 2.5 – 4 lacks. But here an effective treatment can be given in minimum cost of 10-12 thousand that too with modern testing and investigations. A severe Kidney trouble or treatment of Cancer or a HIV +ve medication also costs almost the same amount here at Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital"

Dinesh Chandra Upadhyay
Reader, Govt. Law College, Bhopal.

"It’s not the matter of giving some medicine and getting cured for the time being. But the true test of a cure is whether the patient is getting a complete belief in the cure and its system, so that he can further change his life style and thinking process to make cure enduring. The success of Dr. Nikam lies in the faith about the cure that he imparts in the hearts and minds of the patients.

Congrats Dr. Nikam, Congrats. And Congrats not only for the cure, but for the medicine system also, a system which deeply analyses the Psychology of the patients which is bound to operate in a full domain of individual and social psychology. Much more than a hospital, Aditya is a bigger social cause and a heartening and enlightening experience. Congrats. Further Congrats. "

Dr. Vikram Mahadev Shitole.
Ex. H.O.D. Botany, Pune University.

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