माझे मनोगत,
                   मी कु. दर्शना दत्तगुरु बेर्डेजयसिंगपूर मी मागील आठ वर्षापासून (Osteoporosis) आजाराने त्रस्त आहे. माझे आई बाबा मागील आठ वर्षे माझ्यासाठी खूप प्रयत्न करत आहेत. पण माझ्या बाबांना अजूनपर्यंत त्यात काही यश आले नाही. तसे आमचे कुटुंबच आजाराने त्रस्त आहे. माझा भाऊ यश त्याला पण स्मरणशक्ती कमी आहे. त्याचेपण आपल्या येथे उपचार चालू आहेत. आम्ही चौघेपण आपले पेशंट आहोत.

                पण, सर तुमच्याबद्दल लिहायचे म्हटले तर, माझे बाबा, श्री. स्वप्नील शहा, जयसिंगपूर यांच्या सांगण्यानुसार आम्ही येथे आलो. पण, सर मी आणि बाबा येथे आल्यावरतुमच्या सेंटरमधील सर्व पेशंटची माहिती घेता तर तुमच्याबद्दल खूप नवलच वाटले. पेशंटचीPositive thinking  तुमच्या बद्दल खूप आहे. तुम्ही तुमच्या पेशंटसाठी देवचं आहात. येथे सर्व पेशंट जे  काही आले आहेत ते बाहेरून Allopathyमध्ये थकून आले आहेत. पण सर्वजण आपल्या हॉस्पिटल मधून बरे होऊन, आनंदाश्रू काढून, आपल्याला  आशीर्वाद देऊन जातात. तुमचाStaff,Assistant Doctors, , Managementखूप कौतुकास्पद आहेत.
              आम्ही पण तुमच्याकडे कन्स्लटिंगसाठी  साठी तुमच्या केबिन मध्ये आलो, तेव्हा पण आम्हाला तुमच्या चेहऱ्याकडे पाहिल्यावर काही वेगळेच वाटले. तुमची पेशंटची, त्यांच्याकडे बघण्याची नजर व त्याचा अभ्यास तेव्हाच वाटले खरंच तुमच्यात एक अनोखी जादू आहे. एखाद्याच्या चेहऱ्यावर दैवत दिसतो म्हणतात ना तेच दैवत आम्हाला तुमच्यात दिसते आणि आम्हाला Confidence  आला आहे की मी इथे नक्कीच बरी होऊ शकते आणि मला वाटते, माझ्या बाबांचा इतक्या वर्षाचा चालू असलेला  डॉक्टरांचा शोध इथेच संपला. तुमच्याबद्दल लिहावे तेवढे कमीच. तुम्हाला उदंड आयुष्य लाभो , तुमच्याकडून जीवनदान मिळो अशाच हजारो पेशंटना , आम्ही तुमचे , तुमच्या Assistant Doctors, Staff, Managementसर्वांचे शतशः आभारी आहोत.


कु. दर्शना दत्तगुरु बेर्डे


"I suffered a massive heart attack on 30–5–2008. I was treated in Hamidia hospital. Angiography after a bed rest of two weeks was suggested. I shifted to Mumbai and angiography was done. There was a complete blockage in LAD artery. Ejection fraction was reduced to 35 percent. The tissues in mid and septum region were dead.

There was 75 percent akinesia in upper region and 25 percent in lower. Dilatation and some other related problems have also arisen. Whether angiography is going to be useful or not, an MRI was done to ascertain that. Finally, it was almost a common opinion that angioplasty was of no immediate use, and the patient should know that he is now doomed to live with this reduced ejection fraction.

Had heard about Dr.Nikam from a friend, have seen his vigorous campaigns in favor of homoeopathy in Bhopal and have seen various news items of his achievements in seminars held at Lucknow, Hyderabad and Bangalore. I decided to see him regarding treatment. And I am happy that natural bypass system is being energized well."
Om praksh, Bhopal

"In 2003, my liver was totally damaged. I had liver Cirrhosis. Allopathic doctors advised liver transplant. Bilirubin level increased (42) with complaints of generalized oedema, ascitis, vomiting and malena (bloody stool) with haematemesis (blood in vomitus). The cost of liver transplant was told to be something around 1.5 crores. My father asked a simple question that, "if he did arrange for the amount, then was there any guarantee that the transplant will be successful and my life will be saved?" The answer was a big no, a big hesitation from everywhere.

Then a friend asked to consult Dr. Nikam. At that time I was admitted to a superspeciality hospital in Pune. I was administered the medicine given by Dr. Nikam. In two days, medicine started responding, my bilirubin level started receding. Then I was shifted to Aditya Homeopathic Hospital on 10 Jan. 2003. In a month or so, bilirubin reduced considerably and abdominal distension was fully recovered. And in another one month bilirubin reached normal level and liver function test were within normal limits. Since last five years, I am living a normal life."
Amardeep Singh. Gujrat

"I am an U.S. based Indian patient. In March 2007, one day while I was walking, I suddenly felt that my feet went numb, I could feel no sensation on my feet. That numbness started extending up to my legs & then to thighs & lastly it ended up setting itself on abdomen.

While numbness was increasing on one hand, my legs were going stiff on other hand with coldness of the parts associated with it.

I was advised M.R.I. by the doctors in U.S. and on the basis of M.R.I. report, I was diagnosed to have Multiple Sclerosis. The famous neurologists gave me full knowledge of the disease & took their hands off, saying the disease was incurable. As a part of my inquisitiveness I went through the articles on Multiple Sclerosis on the internet & suddenly felt Turmoil in Brain.

My father suggested me to consult Dr. Nikam. I gave my case history on telephone on 18 May 2007 & sent my reports through e–mail. My father sent me the medicine in U.S. I took the first dose of Homoeopathic medicine & I don’t know why I could feel generally better. Within few days, my numbness & coldness reduced, stiffness disappeared, coldness reduced & I could comfortably walk without any complaints. But I could not believe, that was happening with me.

So I did MRI again which showed positive changes. Now, I can go for shopping alone & can take care of my own, can do all my routine work.

Now, I can say an advanced country like America, lags behind in showing such tremendous results for such an incurable disease where Homoeopathy did a Miracle!"
Shivani Jain.
333, Aragon, Avenew Apts, 405 Coral Gablen, Florida,– 33134 (U.S.)

"There were several severe blockages in the Coronary arteries of the heart. Angiography was done on Dt. 05.01.2007 at Avanti Institute of Cardiology Pvt. Ltd. Hospital, Nagpur.

Angiography Report :
Proximal LAD 100% stenosis.
Ramus 80% stenosis.
RCA 70% stenosis.
OM–Om3, Large 40–50% narrowing.
Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG) was advised. Instead, I chose to follow Homoeopathic medicines and was admitted at Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital on 27.02.2007. Remained there for almost 2 months.

There were 4 blockages. After starting Homoeopathic medicine within 5 months one of the most toughest calcified block (cement like hard) dissolved completely leading to normal artery flow & that was confirmed by Angiography done 2nd time on 26.06.2007.

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