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He is treating even those cases where all other remedies have failed. He is engaged in research work. He is the one, always in touch with rural masses. He is expressing the power and might of homoeopathy in its full glory and is the only doctor in the country, who is aspiring to enhance and enlarge the work of Dr. Hahnemann, the person who explored the homoeopathic system. To honor him is like honoring homoeopathy. Honoring him is like honoring the very common multitude. Honoring him is like honoring science, research, diligence, and vital aspiration. Honoring him is the need of hour."

Om prakash
Executive editor, Dainik Jagaran, Bhopal

"It’s real miracle which I have never seen in my life. I prey all my day to give Dr. Nikam long life for serving human beings with Homoeopathic service."

Dr. Pankaj Dave, Principal, Dr. V.H.Dave Homoeopathci Medicall College,
Superintendent, Smt. S.I Patel Homoeopathic Hospital.

"I am really impressed by the work and result by Dr. Nikam. He is doing very fine work with single remedy. He is really a Homoeopath!!"

Dr. S. Chandra, Prof. G.D. Memorial Homoeopathic Medical College,
Patna, BIHAR.

"It is an 18 hour rigorous transparent training, demonstration & experience. It is an 18 hour Homoeopathic GURUKUL every day."

Dr. Pallavi Bub, a senior R.M.O. in Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital.

"Today when I visited the Hospital, I was totally amazed to see the types of patients admitted with rare diseases, showing excellent results. Up till today I thought – Homoeopathy has limitless. But today I could see with y own eyes the reality. Mind blowing performance by Dr. Nikam with Homoeopathy. Excellent!!"

Dr. Neeraj Goel. Principal, Shri C.M.P,H. Medical College, Mumbai.

"It was great pleasure to see that Dr. Nikam is relieving the Chronic patients, but more than that his efforts to prove Homoeopathy scientifically. It requires exposure"

Dr. P.G. Kulkarni.

"Honestly, it was the first time in my whole life; I visited a unique hospital with 80 patients who were satisfied with the results of the medicine. It was amazing without any operation in a very short time they feel better. I have a lot to write but I personally think the Doctor is an angle from God to cure his creature. I hope, I can cooperate with him in my country. I called him ‘Holly Doctor’ with my best wishes!!"

Bahara Faraz, Tehran, IRAN.

"I’m so happy to visit this hospital. Actually, I didn’t know anything about this method of treatment. When my friend told me, after visiting this hospital, patients & Dr. Nikam, I got shocked. I hope to have this treatment in IRAN. Dr. Nikam is good and unique. I wish him success in his life."

Seyf Ali Saeed Pour, Theran, IRAN.

"We are privileged to witness the great work with Homoeopathic Touch being carries out by Dr. Nikam and his team. We were impressed by seeing the variety of patients with complex ailments being treated & were happy to see & hear excellent results. This is the first Homoeopathic hospital ever visited by us. Doctor, Keep up the good work!"

 Dr. Pramod Lele, C.E.O. Hinduja Hospital.

"I am really impressed by the amount of work you are doing in Homoeopathy. I never thought that it is so effective in variety of diseases. I wish you all the best in your future ventures!"

Dr. Nirmala Phadke.

"Dr. Nikam’s Hospital is an University for uninitiated, a place of confirmation of faith for the mature and a correction house for the wayward and for the infidels the center to be initiated into. May God gift each Homoeopath Dr. Nikam’s conviction, courage & confidence."

Mahendra Singh.

"Today, the one of the most important day in my life. I met Dr. Nikam, the great human being, a great Homoeopath, thorough learned & gentleman. I saw this In-door. I felt that is a dream for me! When I saw the very vast pathology and serious diseases, patients having relieved by his single medicine.

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