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My faith & conviction greatly improved toward the wonderful science of Homoeopathy. I was strong believer in Homoeopathy but today is the mile stone in my understanding & believing in Homoeopathy. Now I can say Homoeopathy can do anything for patients & I will devote my whole life for developing Homoeopathy as a In-door medicine."

Dr. Pradeep Gupta,
Chairman, Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital & Research Centre,

"Today I visited this Temple of Homoeopathy functioning under the guidance of Dr. A.D.Nikam. his work I sinspiring for every Homoeopath. I thought that every Homoeopath strongly those who are managing Homoeopathic institution should visit this Hospital."

Dr. H.P. Tyagi.
Principal, Y.P.S.M. Homoeopathic College, Alwar, RAJASTHAN.

"My association with Dr. Nikam after his talk in the C.R.P.F. campus on Homoeopathic arrangement of different ailments" to our compelled me to visit Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital a unique and one of its kind in India. It impressed me the homoeopathic cure of certain ailments in which allopathy limits its arrangement.

The depth in which he dives in his subject and trains the young doctors for the treatment a wonderful experience. The beneficiaries are the some of the chronic patients from far & wide even from abroad. God give him more strength & power in his hand to carry on his service for the humanity."

Dr. S. S. Patra.
D.I.G.P. (Medical), Composite Hospital C.R.P.F., Talegaon, Pune.

"It was a great pleasure to see this hospital started by Dr. Nikam. No patients had any oxygen, injection, saline and only homoeopathic medicines were being adminishtered and many of them had relief from symptoms and diseases. Dr. Nikam is doing a great work and I wish him good luck for all his future endeavors."

Dr. Prasad Rajhans.
Chief Intensivist, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune.

"To be frank initially, I (we as allopathic doctors) us to think that Homoeopathy is or was meant to treat only chronic conditions. But after taking a round in Dr. Nikam Sir’s Hospital, I realized my misconception. I am happy to see that even cardiac patients are well treated and managed here. Wish you all the success in the future."

Dr. Amit M. Patil.
Lecturer, Dept. of Forensic Medicine, Grant Medical College & J.J. Hospital, Mumbai.

"Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital must be taken as an inspiration by all Homoeopathic Medical Colleges & attached hospitals in India. Sincerity, devotion & hard work gives results, as well as relief / cure to patients and not advertisements."

Dr. Lalit Verma. Secretary, C.C.H., Delhi.

"I had an opportunity to visit this unique Homoeopathic Hospital of Dr. Amar Nikam on ‘Doctor’s Day’, this is indeed a model Homoeopathic IPD clinic which every physician of the country should visit to see the miracle cures with single remedy. Dr. Nikam is really paying Homage to Late Master Hahnemann who must be happy to see his dream coming true through Dr. Nikam. Hat’s off to him!!!"

Dr. Girish Gupta.
Gaurang Clinic & Centre for Homoeopathic Research, Aliganj, LUCKNOW.

"I appreciate the great work done by Dr. Amarsinh Nikam, who is treating where allopath fails. The most complicated cases getting cured are amazing. He has done a very honest & great job by practicing Homoeopathy & those too managing Indoor acute emergency cases. This shows a great confidence in him and he is designing the most far great addition to Homoeopathy by publishing his books. What is great is his openness & single remedy, single dose of 30 potency. I sincerely wish he should get Homoeopathic medical college attached to this hospital."

Dr. Jaswant Singh, Mumbai.

"I have no words to write but I say Is Dream of homoeopathy!!"

-Dr. Krishna R. Shevale.
Dr. Shevale Homoeo Clinic, Umbraj, Satara.

"Exceptionally expert practictioner of Homoeopathy with documentary written first time on earth."

Dr. Mayuresh m. Dande, Nagpur.

"Remarkably miraculous results well documented from a Homoeopathic genius. Wishing him greater prosperity in further development of his unique service."

Dr. Albert V., PORT LOUIS.

"Saying magic of science is produced by ‘Homoeopathy’. I am MD Medicine doctor; but think Homoeopathy is something better than Allopathy in curing the patients."

Dr. Maher Arafat.

"Dr. Nikam is an excellent speaker. An excellent campaigner. His base of knowledge is very sound which makes the audience spellbound."

Mr. Nirmal, Chief Engg. Gangapur Dam, Nashik.

"I was thrilled to see such a big setup in Homoeopathy for the first time. I feel that the only thing remaining to have several institutions in the similar manner all across the nation and to keep Homoeopathy alive forever. It is really a big achievement for Dr. Nikam."

Nishant Jain, Delhi.

"I am so impressed from Dr. Nikam. I prey GOD may bless Dr. Nikam’s Generousness. And I also prey for long life. May GOD be always with DR. Nikam. Wishing him Best of Life to Dr. Sahib & his family."

Mrs. Prakash Deol, Mumbai.

“An excellent work – a Great job!”
Dr. Ramji Singh, President of Central Council of Homoeopathy .
Dr. S. P. S. Bakshi Central Council of Homoeopathy.

“It is an example for all those who says there is
no scope in homoeopathy.”
Dr. N. Radha.
Advisor (Homoeopathy) M/. AyushGovt of India

“A living God.”
D.Y.Patil, ShikshaMaharshi, Maharashtra.

"Sir a wonderful and unique homoeopathic hospital setup."
"Feel blessed to have visited this movement dedicated to homoeopathy."

Dr. Prashant Sathe and Prof. Dr.F.F. Motiwala,
Founder and lead, arogyam healthcare advisory on 2nd Agust, 2016.

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