Articles Growing Significance of Homoeopathic Treatment

Growing Significance of Homoeopathic Treatment

Deepak Borgave

Have you ever seen or heard of a hospital where there are no saline bottles hanging at the beds of patients, no injections, the nurses are not seen extracting blood from patients’ veins and due to all these Para medicated activities that typical medicated smell surrounding the premises of the hospital?

Yes! There is such a hospital in Pune, situated in Pimpri near Tapovan Mandir, and its name is Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital. The God - like figure controlling the whole scene, the healing force of the hundreds of acute and chronic patients is Dr. Amarsinha Nikam, the Homoeopathic physician who has proved down to earth something which has been unheard of in the medical field. He has been rendering unprecedented medical services to those chronic and incurable hundreds and thousands of patients who leave his clinic with smiling faces with hundreds of flowers on their faces and millions of rays of hopes in their eyes; they take Dr. Nikam’s blessings to other such moaning and ailing thousands of their brothers and sisters.

You name the disease and you have a patient admitted in this hospital, in chronic and panic, and at times in last stages. Be it a severely bleeding pile or a kidney failure patient who has undergone dialysis for a number of times, or a diabetic, a heart disease, brain disease, liver disease, or a chronic asthmatic one!

There are numerous heart - breaking woeful tales that reverberate the campus of the hospital. Smita Murkute, an eleventh standard college going girl, her both legs and hands paralyzed (Gullian Barre Syndrome, ascending paralysis); her parents literally brought her to the hospital carrying in arms and she left the hospital walking on her own legs independently without any support with a smile in her face.

When talked to her father, he said that he invariably tired of allopathic treatment for which he paid a big bill (more than fifty thousand rupees) and wasted more than a period of six months, all in vain. Being trapped in a systemic chain of allopathic medical practitioners, his daughter underwent numerous unnecessary investigations, finally reaching nowhere, on the contrary aggravating her paralysis due to side effects of heavy allopathic doses. His eyes already wet, thanking the doctor for rapid recovery leading towards permanent restoration.

Another woeful tale of , an eighteen year boy from Mumbai, whose both kidneys were in failure and he had had many times dialysis done, at the same time of his admission in the hospital is leading a normal life of youthful vigor. The worst case of this type was that of Amit Anarase whose kidneys were small - sized from his birth itself. The intense efforts of Dr. Nikam not only enabled the patient to resume normal size of the kidneys but it also helped him get rapid recovery from the ailments; he was also further freed from a score of complications that he confronted with.

Azam Khan, a heart patient, having little chances of survival is today working with normal zeal and passion in his industrial field with all considerable pressures of his profession. Also Ms. Hemlata Gawade with rheumatic heart disease is also leading a healthy life free of disease.

A skin - diseased female patient who visited the hospital late night as her skin was oozing liquid from head to toe. Whole of her physical appearance was utterly affected by the disease. She visited the hospital late night, for she was afraid of exposing her ugly appearance to others during the daylight.

She also faced other problems such as enormous hair fall, intense inflammation of the whole body. All the past treatments she took were all in vain. Nevertheless, she was miraculously recovered; within a couple of week’s new skin formation process began and within a period of one and half month her whole body wore a different look altogether. She looked better than what she was in the past.

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