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Growing Significance of Homoeopathic Treatment

This correspondent came to know Dr. Nikam through a similar kind of turmoil experience when he had to admit his son (Akshay) who was suffering from undetected continuous dry cough. All allopathic investigations were done, the top chest specialists in this city were consulted, CT scan was done, and the strict diet and the follow - up treatments were also given. When asked, everyone pressed need for further investigations.

Hopelessly, this correspondent went for homoeopathic treatment and the patient who coughed continuously with greater body force than he possessed, for a period of sixteen hours a day without a gap, recovered gradually within a week and discharged after fifteen days, as compared to allopathic treatment this was enormously rapid recovery. Not withstanding the follow - up treatment along with strict diet is obviously important after the discharge.

Of course, there is no dearth for such woeful tales in the hospital; this correspondent narrated those, which he encountered during his son’s admission period.

Dr. Nikam points out that these recovery results are obviously not miracles. They are achieved through the practice of classical homoeopathy and that is the reason it has acquired wider significance and prestige all across the world today. This practice, of course has to be applied in its completeness, if it is on the hand, practiced haphazardly without its philosophical base and rigorous follow - up study, it fails.

Dr. Nikam categorically pointed out that classical homoeopathy treats the disease. That is why, there is no single mass - scale medicine on one disease as it happens in allopathy; it varies as per the patient and for that reason a lot of follow - up study and research work is necessary for choice of medicine for each patient. It would be worth mentioning fact that homoeopathic medicines have absolutely no side effects on our body, which is the prime irritating factor in allopathy, for those who are aware of this fact.

For the right choice of medicine and rigorous study of the ailments of each patient, Dr. Nikam has developed his own unique system called Recording System. He has a sharp watching video camera at his right hand in his cabin directed at the patient under examination, through which he keenly observes all the body language of the patient; besides he notes down the observations based on the complicated responses given by the patient. One of the advantages of the recording is that he can go back to those responses whenever he has a doubt in making a judgment.

The patient is thoroughly examined beforehand by his assistant doctors. There is a plethora of question right from the birth of the patient till his present ailments, including all the past treatments encountered, the recurrence of the ailment in the past, along with all the documents, investigation, reports etc.

On the basis of all this data and the recording observations, a rigorous study is attempted to make the right choice of the medicine. The choice of the medicine invariably made on the responses given by the patient; that is why there are possibilities of wrong responses and subsequently wrong medicines maybe chosen. But, Dr. Nikam’s experience is that this seldom happens. The chosen medicine attacks primary disturbing factors of the body achieving recovery; the recovery having three stages rapid, gentle, finally leading to permanent restoration of health.

The recording business is really time - consuming. Dr. Nikam devotes longer period of time, as this is the central part of his diagnostic methodology. Spending so much time for one patient, going through all the observations made by his assistant doctors, the details denoted through the recording, the past documents and old and new investigation reports, so meticulously shows his real and immense concern for the patients.

Dr. Nikam defines ‘disease’ as a physical and mental state, which is not ‘at ease’. The negative prefix ‘dis’ attached to the root word ‘ease’ explains the whole concept. The ‘disease’ therefore not just primarily a physical state of disturbance, the mental disturbance is also significant.

In classical homoeopathy, therefore patients based on anxiety, depression, psychosomatic disorders are treated more effectively and with definite results, as in the process of homoeopathic diagnosis, more importance is given to mental and physical state of the patients.

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