Success Stories Heart Disease

Heart Disease

Heart (Mitral) Valve Orifice Widened

  I was having "Rheumatic Heart Disease With Mitral Stenosis" and was advised for immediate ‘Balloon Valvoplasty’in 2005. Blood flow between upper and lower chamber of the heart was not proper. Instead of going with surgery, I preferred to be treated at Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital. Within 15 days, breathlessness and palpitations decreased.

Gradually I started losing excess weight. For past 3 yrs, I never felt breathlessness or palpitations. I actively perform daily activities. 2D–Echo Report Dt – 25.01.08 show good improvement.MVA diameter, which measured 1.3 cm2, previously has increased to 1.5 cm2.

Date Admission : 5.10.2005

First dose of Homoeopathic medicine was given in an I.C.U. of Super specialty Hospital

"I was counting on last breaths. I was diagnosed to have shock with Left Ventricular Failure and my heart function was extremely low. Doctors took their hands off & the severity of my condition was explained to my relatives.

Dr. Nikam was consulted & I was given Homoeopathic medicine when I was admitted in an I.C.U. of Super specialty Hospital. To my surprise, I could feel improvement gradually within few days. Palpitations, breathlessness reduced gradually, pulse rate came down from 140 to normal range of 72. I continued the medicine & within 2 months I resumed all my daily activities. Now I am running my own shop. I am very thankful to Homoeopathy & Dr. Nikam who helped me to regain my life from hands of death."
 A.B.C. (30 years.)
(Date 15th Aug.2008)

"There were several severe blockages in the Coronary arteries of the heart. Angiography was done on Dt. 05.01.2007 at Avanti Institute of Cardiology Pvt. Ltd. Hospital, Nagpur.

Angiography Report :
Proximal LAD 100% stenosis.
Ramus 80% stenosis.
RCA 70% stenosis.
OM–Om3, Large 40–50% narrowing.

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG) was advised. Instead, I chose to follow Homoeopathic medicines and was admitted at Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital on 27.02.2007. Remained there for almost 2 months.

There were 4 blockages. After starting Homoeopathic medicine within 5 months one of the most toughest calcified block (cement like hard) dissolved completely leading to normal artery flow & that was confirmed by Angiography done 2nd time on 26.06.2007.

Angiography Report :
LAD 100% proximal stenosis.
Diagonals 70% proximal leasion.
Circumflex: Mid LCX 50% disease.
RCA : Previously no stenosis.

Treatment is still going on & the patient is efficiently doing her daily work. A great wonder!"

(Date 26th Aug. 2008)



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