Diseases Homeopathic Treatment For Heart Cardiac Disease

Homeopathic Treatment For Heart Cardiac Disease

Heart Disease is a general term referring to a variety of chronic and acute medical conditions, affecting one or more components of the heart. The heart is situated in the left side of the chest cavity and is a muscular, fist sized organ. It constantly pumps blood beating around 1 lac times a day. Its main function is to supply oxygen and nutrients throughout the body through blood and transport carbon dioxide and other waste materials to the kidneys, lungs and liver for elimination. With today’s sedentary lifestyle, there are many people suffering from various cardiac illnesses. If not taken care of, it can result into the death of a person. Cardiac ailment mainly refers to many conditions that affect it along with the blood vessels. Heart valve disease, arrhythmias, congenital heart defects and inflammation of the heart or its lining are all ailments affecting it. However, Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) also known as Atherosclerotic Heart Disease (ASHD) is one of the most common types of this illness. Today, with medical science advancing, homeopathic treatment for heart cardiac disease is mere a step away.

Facts related to Heart Diseases

1. Coronary artery disease is the most common cause of death not only in India but also all over the world, particularly in the US. Research says that over a million individuals each year have a heart attack and 25% die before getting into the hospital or while in the emergency department.

2. Prevention is the best method for treating any type of heart sickness. Diagnosis of this illness is often done by a cardiologist after carefully going through the history of the patient. In some individuals, uncharacteristic symptoms can be seen, including nearly none at all.

3. The testing strategy which is used to confirm the diagnosis and plan, correct treatment must be individualized for each patient diagnosed with this sickness

4. It’s the severity of this ailment that determines its treatment and most of the time it’s directed by the symptoms experienced by the affected person.

Symptoms of Heart Disease

Chest pain related with shortness of breath is the typical symptoms of coronary artery ailment. Characteristically, many health care experts describe the pain of angina as a pressure or heaviness behind the breast bone with radiation to the jaw and down the arm accompanied by sweating and shortness of breath. Sadly, there are several signs and symptoms of angina and to add more there might not even be particular chest pain. Some other locations of pain and other symptoms might include backache or shoulder pain, pain in the upper abdomen, nausea and indigestion.

People having diabetes, elderly and women might have altogether different perceptions of pain or have absolutely no discomfort. Rather, they would complain of fatigue or depression and generalized weakness and the inability to finish routine physical tasks such as climbing stairs or walking. People having coronary artery ailment generally have a slow progression of their symptoms. Over the time, as an artery narrows, the symptoms of decreased blood flow to part of the heart muscle might increase in frequency and/or severity. It’s also possible that patients might not see any symptoms until a heart attack occurs.

Homeopathic Approach for Heart Diseases

In general, it’s not seen many opting for homeopathic treatment for heart cardiac disease for the simple reason that most individuals aren’t aware or sure of its efficiency, especially for heart sicknesses. Due to lack of knowledge, they refrain from taking any chances and prefer going to cardiologists and stay on medication all their life. For coronary artery ailment, they prefer undergoing surgery not knowing the fact that the arteries could get blocked again any time after few years of the surgery. Some do consult experts from this field but generally as a last option.

However, now the time has changed, and with Dr. Amarsinha Nikam, a highly successful homeopath, there are very effective treatments for heart related ailments. A misconception about this medical science is that it’s slow in reaction and is only viable for simple illnesses. However, Dr. Nikam, during the last ten years has cured all ailmentss quite effectively and quickly without a single failure. This treatment offered by Dr. Nikam has several advantages and one out of them is that this alternative medicine to allopathy goes by symptoms and takes into consideration much more details than any other healing system. Since each ailment has its own peculiar symptoms, symptomatic approach automatically takes care of the underlying cause. Most people who have received this treatment from Dr. Nikam have benefited a great deal as it helped them in a quicker and much better way.

With Dr. Nikam’s treatment, angina pain can be relieved in less than 20 minutes and this is the result given by Dr. Nikam’s 90% patients. The blood pressure can be effectively lowered and that too quickly in 30 to 40 minutes. Follow up treatment of course needs to be given for some time in all the cases, as per to gravity and nature of the case.

Why Homeopathy for Heart Diseases?

These remedies are quite effective in several heart ailments as the patient gets fast symptomatic relief in this illness, which ranges from hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and cardiac arrhythmias. It’s quite safe, natural, has efficient products and procedures, with nearly no side effects and absolutely no potential for addiction.

Homeopathic Treatment for High Cholesterol

Atherosclerosis, which causes obstruction in the arteries of the heart and leads toan attack, can be controlled by the treatment of high cholesterol. Dr. Nikam has successfully treated several patients with atherosclerosis with this approach. Along with these remedies, Dr. Nikam also stresses on diet modification and control as well as physical exercise. Any change in the remedy would only be suggested after the test of blood cholesterol. Further, depending upon the response to the treatment, the remedy would be gradually reduced. The medicine is generally selected based on the symptoms and is individualized.

How to get started with the treatment?

For online treatment from Dr. Nikam, kindly email your diagnoses and current symptoms along with your detail postal address & email id with contact no todr.amar@ahhhc.com and adnikam_hospital@yahoo.com and we will email you the details regarding the online treatment accordingly.

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