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Homoeopathic Hospital Yes!
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Homoeopathy hospital ????? is a very common remark used by almost everyone who hears it for the first time including doctors from different fraternities. It is almost always asked in a surprising tone and as a big question mark because a large section of society is unaware of this pioneer Homoeopathic Hospital running efficiently from last fourteen years. General myth of common man about Homoeopathic therapy is that Homoeopathy is not a pathy for managing emergency medical service, critical or chronic diseases conditions such as hypertension and diabetes mellitus. And that it is only successful in completely curing conditions like cold, coryza, fever and skin.But the founder of Homoeopathic science Dr. Hahnemann and the other stalwarts in their age, treated chronic and critical conditions very efficiently and proved that Homoeopathic science is complete and the only science available.
But now a days the unfortunate truth is that the Homoeopathic practice is progressively deteriorating in a way to extinct. And I can say that it is not a fault of homoeopathy as a science but the strong fundamental laws and principles of Homoeopathy given by out great stalwarts. Now a day even well – qualified Homoeopathy Doctors too are only contended by their OPD patients and with their superficial practice. During my college days and thereafter I gradually realized that people from all over the world whether rural, urban, national or international unwillingly accepted and fell prey to clutches of modern palliative and suppressive therapy. They didn’t have any choice but to humbly accept the treatment offered, completely knowing that the available and so–called advanced therapies were not a permanent solution to their sufferings. This was all due to lack of scientific and classical homoeopathic practitioners. My urge to conquer over the human sufferings through Homoeopathy and to follow the footsteps of Dr. Hahnemann compelled me and I began to sail keeping faith on Dr. Hahnemann and his sunny thoughts that guided me in my journey as sailor and twinkling starts in the darkness of Homoeopathic horizon were his followers and disciples Dr. Kent, Dr. Hering and Dr. Clarke.

Doing hardships from bottom of the heart and aiming at positive comeback of Homoeopathic science I faithfully started Homoeopathic Hospital, which was first established in 1995. Thereon there was no come back for me. I got rich and very wide experience in various pathological cases, which were successfully treated with ease only because of dynamic Homoeopathy. My faith in science deepened and through my hospital practice, I tried to spread Homoeopathy all over country from high hills of Himalayan to seep dense forest of Bastar, Chhattisgarh, from coastal area of Konkan to rural–tribal areas like Nandurbar district in Maharashtra. Not only this I tried to spread fragrance of Homoeopathy through my students, followers and patients by conducting free medical camps.

Thus now people who know about this hospital and who have experienced recovery from this hospital confidently spread the fact to other society and suffering people and to their exclamations "Homoeopathy Hospital ?????" reply by saying "YES".

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