Books Homoeopathy, The Art of Rapid and Gentle Healing

Homoeopathy, The Art of Rapid and Gentle Healing

Homoeopathy, the art of rapid & gentle healing. Rs.250
Rs. 250/-
It is my humble attempt to share my experience with the Homoeopathic community through this book. The joy I derived throughout, in seeing cured cases, (even in severe pathological cases) by applying the basic fundamental principles as taught by Hahnemann and that too so quickly, has encouraged me to communicate this simple truth to the Homoeopathic fraternity. I have selected mostly pathological cases. The case is a transcription of video–tape and translated English for better understanding. Analysis and understanding of the case along with rubrics will enable everyone to perceive the choice of remedy. Mostly 30c potency have worked wonders in my practice, so most cases in this book have received 30c potency or if that was not available, 6c potency was given with equally good results.
Thus it shows that correct remedy is of primary importance than the potency selection. Follow–up is given at the end to see the response to the selected remedy. Where needed, a remedy coming close in differentiated. This book may be considered as just an experience of a single Homoeopath. Your experience may be different than mine but the truth of Homoeopathic doctrine will remain. I need your encouragement and co–operation in our Endeavour to spread Homoeopathy and help the suffering mankind.

		Always a student in Homoeopathy,
Dr. Amar D. Nikam.

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