Articles Homoeopathy Verses Stem Cell Theory Dr.Kausar Khan

Homoeopathy Verses Stem Cell Theory Dr.Kausar Khan

Homoeopathy Verses Stem Cell Theory

Stem cells are actually simple new partially grown cells that are in the process of developing into full human cells of some sort. Scientists are learning how to manipulate them into becoming full cells of many types, used to treat many diseases. Stem cells can be obtained from foetal skin foetal cord blood, liposuction, from skin removed anyway in a surgical procedure, the cells are processed in a proprietary process, after an hour stem cells are either frozen or injected directly to damaged but viable areas of body.

These frozen cells are kept for future use with purpose of preserving and regenerating bodily functions. Finally it is worth to mention that stem cells are definitely the future of all kind of medical treatments that will find their way to plastic surgery, Parkinsons disease, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease etc.

Progress is being made in understanding how stem cell transplants cause regeneration: If it is in fact the case that transplant work because the transplanted stem cells are issuing Biochemical commands to the local environment, a task that existing stem cells fail to carry out due to age related damage or other problems, then refined versions of these regenerative therapies may proceed without the use of stem cells at all, issuing then necessary signals directly. For the moment, we use cells as proxies to accomplish, what we cannot, A sign that we don’t yet have the knowledge and tools to completely control the inner workings of cells, and manage complexity in healing.

In modern science research has been done up to this, but clearly scientists point out that they don’t have any modern medicines that can control the cellular functions at cellular level.

But this great work can be done by homoeopathic medicines, as proved by Dr. Nikam sir, in his Book ‘Vital Force is The Oxygen’. He mentions that the dynamic potential of Homoeopathic medicines is only capable of reaching at cellular level, at mitochondria, to bring out the repair and reconstruction through proper supply of Oxygen.

Homoeopathic medicines work for equilibrium of oxygen at cellular level via receptors and CNS. It shows its action by stimulating mitochondria to utilize more oxygen molecules to reestablish aerobic metabolism required for proper functioning and defense mechanism of body.

Thus the abnormal function of cells can be brought back to normal with the properly selected Homoeopathic medicines.

We Homoeopaths are fortunate enough to say proudly that our medicines act in a generalized way over body, in healing process, not locally as stem cells.

Thanks to Dr. Hahnemann that he had proved Homoeopathic medicines 200 years ago, which are superior to stem cell transplantation.


Dr. Mrs. Khan Kauser.

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