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Homoeopathy - the Soul Healer

By Dr.Harpreet.

" We are not only what we know of ourselves but an immense more which we do not know, our momentary personality is only a bubble on the ocean of our existence." - Sri. Aurobindo.

The first major development which ushered in a deeper view of psychology came through the work of the psychiatrist Sigmund Freud ( 1856 - 1939). The study of psychopathological behaviour led Freud to the discovery of what he called the "UNCONSCIOUS" -  that part of the mind which is the storehouse of instincts, impulses and other psychological contents that are not only outside conscious awarness but also ordinarily inaccessible to it.

Our body is governed by the life force (vital force), whenever there is life in plant or animal or man, there is life - force, without the vital there can be no life in matter & no living action.

The vital is the life nature made up of desires, sensations, feelings, passions, energies of action & of all that play of Possessive & other related instincts, anger, fear, greed, lust etc that belong to this field of the nature.

Each plane of our being - mental, vital, physical has its own consciousness, seperate though interconnected and interacting, but to the outer mind & sense in our waking experience, they are all confused together.

The subconscious mind contains the potentiality of all the primitive reactions to life. All that is consciously experineced sinks down into the subconscious, not as precise though submerged memories, but as obscure yet obstinate impressions of experience and these can comp up at any time as dreams, as mechanical repetitions of Past thoughts, feelings, action etc, as complexes, exploding into action & events etc.

People think that their condition depends on circumstances, but that is all false. If somebody is a nervous wreck, he thinks that if circumstances are favourable he will improve. But actually, even if they are favourable he will remain what he is ..... . It is not the circumstances that have to be changed, what is required is an inner change i.e.

"Awareness" & "Change of Attitude."

An Attitude is is defined as a mental set which Predisposes one to percieve things in a certain way, to feel towards things in a certain way & to be prone to react towards things in a certain way. Attitude influences all the three basic elements of behaviour namely thinking, feeling & willing.

Thus, after giving Homoeopathic medicine to a diseased person, it helps in changing his inner level leading to awareness and change of attitude, where patient percieve the bright rather than the dark side of things, it tends to make one feel hopeful rather than easily despairing and it inclines one to continue with one's endeavour rather than to give up effort prematurely.

To quote an example lets take Syphylytic remedy MERC - SOL.
The circumstances around Merc Sol is :
  • Being dominated.
  • Contradicted by extremely dictatorial authority.
  • Instability.
  • Moral dejection.
  • Bad effect from fright.

which he expresses by

  • Revolting with anger / Rage & Revenge.
  • Become Anarchist.
  • Misanthropy.

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