Articles How to Run A Homoeopathic Hospital Effectively

How to Run A Homoeopathic Hospital Effectively

If the patient is to be admitted into the hospital than the following should be taken care of :
  • Bed allotment (Normal bed , folding bed)
  • Room type (General, Special)
  • Daily drug requisition.
  • Patients daily progress sheet.
  • Daily drug details with time.
  • Patients attainders details.

Also that billing details should be taken care of :
  • Lab bills.
  • Admission bills.
  • Bed charges.
  • Room charges.
  • Canteen charges.
  • Consultation charges.
  • Medicine charges.

About the Schedule of Doctors :
  • Availability of Homoeopaths.
  • Doctor’s daily schedule list.
  • No. of visits per day by each doctor in every ward.
  • Per doctor attending no. of cases.
  • Reporting to senior doctor.
  • Drug administrating & recording the progress of each patient twice a day.

About the Medicines Stock :
  • Product type & details.
  • Supplier’s detailed information.
  • Stock update on receipt of goods.
  • Economic order quantity.
  • Minimum stock holding.

About the Hospital Staff :
  • Changing of bed sheets every day.
  • Collecting all empty bottles of medicines from patients.
  • Sweeping & mopping of entire hospital twice daily.
  • Cleaning of bathrooms every day.
  • Maintaining Hygiene every day.
  • Taking care of entire waste management.
  • Lining patient for visit.
  • Infection Control.
  • One dedicated telephone operator to give appointments to new patients.
  • Inform doctor about emergency cases.
  • To speak softly & politely with patients & attainders.

Security :
  • Control visitors.
  • Taking down there contact details.
  • Keep observation about patients.
  • Keep input / output record.

Canteen :
  • Clean & Hygiene factor is a must.
  • Nutritious food to be provided.
  • Balanced diet to be administered.

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