Seminar The Other Song - International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy.

The Other Song - International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy.
The Other Song

       It was really a golden day of my my life... I saw three live legend of Homoeopathy under one roofThe Other Song - International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy.
      Respected  Dr.  Amarsinha D Nikam  Sir,  Dr.  Rajan  Sankaran Sir and Dr.  Sunirmal  Sarkar sir.
      It was really  great moment for all Homeopaths that our living pioneers are coming together and sharing their experience and knowledge from depth of their Heart. Such event is necessary for development of Homoeopathy  and it's an great opportunity for budding Homeopaths to turn into classical way of Homoeopathy.
       All three great personalities share their views and experiences of their Homeopathy journey.
       Dr.  Sankaran Sir demonstrated 4 live cases with video demonstration live patient video from his consulting to workshop screen. Cases and explanation with repertorial analysis was outstanding & really  appreciable sir. 
Dr. Sankaran Sir  said about Dr. Nikam Sir.... "Sir; You are my real Hero!.... It's very difficult to start Homoeopathic Hospital and really appreciable work and dedication for Homoeopathy"
        Dr.  Sarkar sir share his views about Repertorial usage selection of remedy in cancer patients.
        Dr.  Nikam Sir  presented case of_"Pontine Haemorrhage",  "Craniopharyngioma " and. "Thromboembolism."
       We got an opportunity  to narrate Dr.  Nikam Sir's case in front of huge audience.
        This was an webinar, Large crowd at different places likeAhmedabad,  Mumbai,  Pune,  Banglore and Surat was attending  this video conferencing  Workshop.
         Dr.  Manish Nikam (Pune) narrated whole cases before   and after live video demonstration.
         Dr Mukesh Musale (Nashik) narrated Craniopharyngioma detail case in front of huge audience.
         Dr Rahul Jadhav (Satara) narrated Pontine Haemorrhage  detail case.
         Thanks to Our Mission Homoeopathy  Team members for their great support and inspiration  special thanks to Dr.  Nilesh Jangle (Ahmadbagar), Dr. Sai Chinta (Ahmadnagar), Dr. DrMotes Maryan Lobo (Mumbai) and Dr. Santosh Nale(Satara).

         Lastly special thanks to Dr.  Gaurang Gaikwad and Dr.  Faiza  & Organizing  committee of Other song Academy and Staff.


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