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Liver Failure

Liver Cirrhosis Treated Successfully

"I was in critical condition with ALCOHOLIC LIVER CIRRHOSIS with HEPATIC ENCEPHALOPATHY along with D.M. & Hypertension. I had Bilirubin level of 30mg and Creatinine 1.6 which showed that I was heading for renal damage also. I was sent home by the doctors, to count on my last days.

I was admitted to Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital on 11th Feb.2008. On the 2nd day itself, bilirubin level got reduced to 12.1. After 3–4 days of treatment, I started eating. Within few days I was able to sit & move. Slowly yellowishness of the skin, sclera & urine got reduced. Distended abdomen & pain due to Ascitis also reduced. After a month, my bilirubin level was 2.4, SGPT 25, SGOT 50. Distended abdomen got reduced completely to its normal size & cretinine came to 1.1"

A.B.C (46 yrs)
(Date 12th Aug. 2008)

In 2003, my liver was totally damaged. I had liver Cirrhosis. Allopathic doctors advised liver transplant. Bilirubin level increased (42) with complaints of generalized oedema, ascitis, vomiting and malena (bloody stool) with haematemesis (blood in vomitus). The cost of liver transplant was told to be something around 1.5 crores. My father asked a simple question that, "if he did arrange for the amount, then was there any guarantee that the transplant will be successful and my life will be saved?" The answer was a big no, a big hesitation from everywhere.

Then a friend asked to consult Dr. Nikam. At that time I was admitted to a superspeciality hospital in Pune. I was administered the medicine given by Dr. Nikam. In two days, medicine started responding, my bilirubin level started receding. Then I was shifted to Aditya Homeopathic Hospital on 10 Jan. 2003. In a month or so, bilirubin reduced considerably and abdominal distension was fully recovered. And in another one month bilirubin reached normal level and liver function test were within normal limits. Since last five years, I am living a normal life.

A.B.C. (42 yrs)
(Date : 7July 2008)


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