About Case Studies

This is an interesting brainwork for the eager students who want to learn Homoeopathy in a practical way. A case will be given to you to be solved within 1 month. You are suppose to reply with the medicine selected and reason for the selection of the medicine. After 1 month the actual medicine given with explanation and response of the case will be displayed on the website. Every month a new case will be displayed again to be solved.

Books to be referred Material Medical
1.Clarke’s materia medica
2.Schulton-elements Minerals
3.Phatak materia medica

1.Kent repertory
2.Synthetic repertory
3.Complete repertory
4.Phatak repertory

1.Thermal materia medica
2.Manifestation of miasm
3.Vital force is oxygen

1.Guyton physiology

Complete study of case is essential. Consider the sensations, generalities (Mental and Physical), modalities. Don’t rely only on mentals or specifics as it can be misleading. Consider totality as a whole.

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