Path Breaking Research Manifestations of Miasm in Mind

Manifestations of Miasm in Mind

It is very interesting to understand miasm through mind. Basically the mind & body speak the same language & express the same miasm simultaneously. Hence it is very essential for every Homoeopath to interpret mind rubrics in miasmatic language. We learned that the pathological expression of the disease is nothing but its miasmatic character.

We can learn through external manifestation of the disease like itching which indicates a Psoric miasm, Wart, & Corns indicating Sycotic miasm, whereas Alopecia, Cervical or Lumbar spondylosis indicating Tubercular miasm and Fissure, Unhealing wound or Gangrene indicating Syphilitic miasm. These are the external manifestations, which can be easily noticed on the body surface. But mind is something different, something which is invisible.

Yet we can understand the state of mind, through thoughts of sick person, his behavior & even through his body language, facial expressions along with eye movements and tone of his speech. We can easily understand his joyful, morose or grief state as well as his anger, weeping, or jealousy.

Actions and speech are direct reflections of an individual’s hidden mental state. Even a layman can understand a person by his body language, behaviour, & attitude. For example while watching a movie we can simply judge the feeling of love, hate, happiness, sorrow, affection, or destruction through the character being played by the actor.

The mental state of a person depends upon his individual thinking, education, his rural or urban family background, and his association with people; the kind of job he is doing etc. At the same time, his age, his thinking process, and maturity – all these play a key role in the study of his mental state. During his life phase, he has to face multiple obstacles & hurdles.
But the state of mind depends on reaction of the person to the concerned situation. His conscious & subconscious mind plays an important role in developing a person’s thinking process.

Lastly, his surroundings, atmospheric conditions and geographical location and his nationality, political & socioeconomic status influence the person’s mental condition.

The cosmic energy, which is expressed day & night like new moon & full moon, can simply play an acute role.

Every individual’s nature depends upon his thinking process. A man can think 60,000 thoughts in 24 hrs. But most of the time he repeats the same kind of thoughts again & again. Most of his thoughts depend upon his routine work in his day today life & mostly he thinks about his past and future also.

Many a times he recalls his past unnecessarily and perceives false imaginations about property, power, & relationships. When these thoughts accumulate, they produce an abnormal state of mind reflecting through the person’s behaviour.

Every thought creates some kind of Biochemical reaction in human body from cellular to body level.

The emotional behaviour is also a part of thinking process. His intelligence, memory, analyzing power of mind, decision-making ability, his activity, & sensitivity play a major role.

When the person thinks about his past painful events & broods about misfortune & is unable to fulfill his false imagination about future, he looses his happiness & becomes mentally sick.

There are six types of emotionally disturbed states, which produce multiple disturbed thought processes, resulting in sorrowful & painful conditions in human beings & gradually they start destructing the life force. The following states produce multiple abnormal thought processes. These six evil states are
  1. Lustfulness.
  2. Anger.
  3. Greediness.
  4. Hypocrisy.
  5. Jealousy.
  6. Grudge.
The mind is always under influence of these vicious cyclic evil states. Sometimes it leads to multiple destructive thoughts like suicide, quarrels, and murders.

When we are thinking rationally about mind section of Repertory, we learn that each rubric indicates disturbed thought process. In our Repertory, we can't find any rubric indicating a balanced state of mind. The balanced person is always naturally in a joyful & healthy state.
For example, when confidence reaches at the highest point, a person becomes over-confident & when the confidence reduces, the person becomes timid & fearful. This lack of confidence & over confidence are two extreme mental states of human being. So in our Repertory, we find two different stages of life. There is no rubric of healthy mental state like ‘confident’ in our Repertory.

Another example would be that there is no rubric as ‘conscientious’ but there is a rubric named ‘conscientious about trifles’ & opposite to that rubric ‘cruelty’.

Now, it is very interesting to know, how the rubrics are connected to different miasms. Every abnormal thought developed in human mind creates mental irritation & itching represents Psoric state. These abnormal thoughts are deeply rooted in human mind, and, with support of Psoric background, they gradually develop & get converted into Sycotic & Syphilitic state of mind.

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