Path Breaking Research Manifestations of Miasms in Disease

Manifestations of Miasms in Disease

According to Dr.Hahnemann, there are two types of diseases
  1. Acute Disease
  2. Chronic Disease.
Every chronic disease is associated with miasmatic background. Miasm indicates the pathological state of a sick person. For example, Psora presents with functional disorders without manifestations of structural changes in organ or at cellular level.

Dr.Hahnemann, being a very intelligent person, analyzed these pathological & structural disorders and made a perfect gradation of them. He also tried to explore the suppressive medicine therapy, which leads to yielding multiple diseases in a human being.

So, after undergoing deep research of natural pathological states with additional suppressive medicinal agents agonizing a sick person, he used symbolic philosophical language to understand this pathology.

Indisposition :
It is the false presentation of disease– like symptoms expressed by vital force when the system is overloaded. For example, diarrhoea, colic & abdominal discomfort due to overeating, bodyache due to overexertion. Treatment of indisposition doesn’t require any medication. Rest, balanced diet, & fresh air are sufficient to treat it. Hence one should not make the mistake of considering an indisposition as a disease.

Psora :
Psora does not create structural changes or severe pathological changes in the human body. Psoric miasm means physiological disturbance or dysfunctioning in the organism; e.g. Scabies which is an itching disorder of the superficial skin.

Sycosis :
While explaining the Sycotic state, Dr.Hahnemann compared it to the gonorrhoeal presentation including inflammation & abnormal hypertrophic changes.

For example, Bubo. Another example is hardening of tissues leading to stricture urethra, which also presents Hypertrophy of urinary bladder.

The symbolic manifestation of the Sycotic miasm is not only the gonorrhoeal presentation but he also added that Sycosis also manifests as abnormal contraction, abnormal dilatation, induration & abnormal tissue growth or hypertrophy.
This Sycotic presentation is suppressed with antibiotics or other similar agents. Later, these combined symptoms create a strong pathological foundation, producing many life–threatening diseases. But these diseases have peculiar, uniform character of the Sycotic miasm like inflammation, hardening, dilatation, & overgrowth.
In the sycosis miasm the structural changes occur gradually, resulting in reversible or irreversible damage of the organ. For example, Mitral Stenosis.

One more miasm, which is a very important bridge between Sycosis & Syphilis, is the Tubercular miasm, which not only represents inflammation, degeneration & atrophic changes at the cellular level but also creates great disturbance in cellular functions thereby weakening the cell, making it unable to perform cellular cloning & repair, that is, proliferation.

For example, Osteoarthritis, Spondylosis.

This type of pathology, if managed with suppressive treatment, creates destructive irreversible changes in a diseased person.

Syphilis :
The same phenomena occurs with Syphilitic chancre. The destructive process of chancre creates cellular destruction and thereby destruction of organ & eventually, the whole body. Here, once again Dr.Hahnemann very clearly used the symbol of Syphilitic chancre.

All types of destructive pathological diseases are the expressions of syphilitic miasm. Before destructing, syphilis will present with inflammation & cutting off the nourishment & oxygen supply at cellular level. Syphilitic miasm is characterized by infarction, necrosis, and destruction of the suffering organ. For instance, myocardial infarction, cerebral stroke, gangrene or any organ failure. To add to this, the incorrect medical treatment, hastens the process.

While practicing Homoeopathy, there is major confusion in understanding the natural diseases & their classification into miasmatic pathologies.

Manifestations of  Miasms in Disease
Jumping Miasm for Manifestation of Disease :

Some disease states show jumping tendency, that is, they jump directly from one miasm to another in a rapid progressive manner. For example, Psora to Syphilis or Sycosis to Syphilis.

Misjudgment of Miasm :
Nowadays, Diabetes Mellitus is a very common disease in the society. Many Homoeopaths try to treat Diabetes Mellitus with homoeopathic medicines, but because of lack of understanding regarding gradation of ‘Diabetes Mellitus miasmatology’ they are unable to assess its miasmatic state. As a result, there is no improvement in the patient; in fact, there is gradual progress of symptoms. There are four gradations in Diabetic pathology.

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