Path Breaking Research Manifestations of Miasms in Disease

Manifestations of Miasms in Disease

While treating Psoric Diabetes (i.e. caused due to stress), we must select a proper psoric remedy & advise the patient to follow the diet restrictions prescribed for Diabetes Mellitus.

Sycotic Diabetes presents as uncontrolled sugar level, which indicates pathological changes in pancreatic tissues. For example, fibrocalculus pancreatic diabetes.

The third type of diabetes indicating Tubercular miasm, which presents with degenerative changes in the Beta cells of the pancreas, which fail to produce adequate insulin secretions, & cause retinopathy, & nephropathy.

In the fourth stage of diabetes, there is destructive pathology in the pancreatic tissues resulting in failure of insulin production. In medical terms, it is called Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM). Chronic Diabetes Mellitus leading to organ failure or blindness caused by diabetic retinopathy are the examples of fourth stage of diabetes. The Juvenile DM is the presentation of congenital syphilitic miasm.

These different types of diabetic patients represent with their special character & symptoms with change in the mental state according to their miasmatic background. Accordingly you must prescribe the remedy, which represents the same symptomatology & miasmatic gradation to cure the sick, as per the law of "Similia Similibus Curentur".

Dr. Hahnemann had the foresight to understand the disease pathology, including ancient as well as modern disease conditions. Hence, Homoeopathic Science is empowered with an ability to cure not only established diseases but also undiscovered diseases, because "Homoeopathy treats the man in disease but not the disease in man!!"

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