Angiography Report :
LAD 100% proximal stenosis.
Diagonals 70% proximal leasion.
Circumflex: Mid LCX 50% disease.
RCA : Previously no stenosis.
Treatment is still going on & the patient is efficiently doing her daily work. A great wonder!"
Jyoti Satish Agrwal. Khamgaon

"I was having pain in (Lt) hand since 7 days. The pain was severe, stitching, burning or to be exact lancinating type. The pain extended from the elbow to the entire palm and fingers. The whole hand became icy cold & numb. Pulse could not be felt.

I rushed to the hospital nearby. Vascular surgeon advised to go through the Color Doppler. The reports showed ‘Occlusive Thrombosis In Brachial Artery with 100% occlusion’ & the only treatment Allopathy offered was amputation of the hand. My son–in–law got anxious & rushed to Dr.Nikam. Dr. Nikam without even seeing me gave the Homoeopathic medicine by observing my photograph & telephonic consultation on 8 Nov.2005. I requested the surgeon to postpone the surgery.

I took the Homoeopathic medicine & from the same day itself my pain reduced slightly. For the first time I slept peacefully for a whole night. The coldness decreased dramatically on 2nd day itself & numbness also reduced gradually with mild pain only on pressure. I stopped all the Allopathic medication which could not relieve me any way & continued with only the Homoeopathic medicine. To everybody surprised my pulse could be felt within few days.

I was so eager to meet Dr. Nikam that I actually went to his hospital. He suggested Color Doppler to be done again which showed excellent recovery. The blood flow of brachial artery was perfectly normal with no Thrombus. (0% occlusion).The pulse, which was not palpable at all, started dancing again...

I am grateful to Dr.Nikam who saved my hand from getting amputed"

Digambar Tayde. Akola

"I am a 60 years old man diagnosed to have "INTESTINAL OBSTRUCTION WITH PERFORATION AND GAS UNDER THE DIAPHRAGM " confirmed by U.S.G of abdomen.

While performing ‘Kapalbhati Pranayam’ (jerking exercise of abdomen in yoga), I had a sudden pain in the abdomen, after a jerk with complete stoppage of stool & flatus since 2 days. Initially I started with allopathic treatment, which didn’t help. According to the surgeon, it was an acute emergency and I was advised immediate surgery within 5–6 hrs, as there were chances of gangrene.

I was admitted to Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital in the evening, was started on with Homoeopathic medicine immediately and kept under observation. Within few hours, my pain reduced and next day I passed stool & when doctors asked about my pain I said, "Oh, I forgot about that. Now I don’t have any pain." I was kept under observation for 3 more weeks"
Thorat Maharaj.
Sakhare Maharaj Ashram, Aalandi, Pune

Doctor’s observation :
"Not only obstruction but the perforation also healed without any surgical interference! There was no painful guarding of abdomen or tenderness, nausea, vomiting or any other sign of peritonitis. After the 3rd week USG repeated, which showed absolute healing with NORMAL PERISTALTIC movements with NO fluid or gas collection. Also it was confirmed with follow up USG, which showed absence of small loop obstruction with normal peristaltic movement in loops."

"Three years back, I lost sight of my right eye. In Sitapur (U.P.) Doctors told that nerves connecting eyes to the brain have weakened. I had no means to get treated anywhere else. I sat helpless, quite. This year in April 2008, the sight of Left eye also started diminishing. By the beginning of May 2008, I almost became sightless.

My father brought me to Lucknow and we discussed our case in Govt. Hospitals. But we did not feel that something beneficial was going to happen. Then one of the Doctors gave us the address of Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital in Pimpri. On 18th July 2008, I was admitted here and within a fort night – I could see from a distance of 15–20 feet, a BrahmaKamal flowering across the Hospital Lawns. The sight in left eye is almost back. And there is also an initiation of vision for the betterment in the right eye. "
Miss. Anshika Verma, (16 yrs,
A/P Sherpur, Dist. Sitapur (U.P.)

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