"For almost 4 to 5 years, I had a blockage in Intestine. Went to local doctors. Then was referred to a reputed Private Hospital in Hyderabad. An expenditure of 1.50 lacks occurred but of no use. Then went to very famous religious Hospital. They sent me to their Bangalore centre. There also I could not get any relief. Then a friend of mine referred to this hospital of Dr.Nikam. Was admitted here on 31.03.2008. Stayed here for a month. To me, cure appeared in 8 days. Now I am completely fit. Since then, seeing me cured, 8–10 people from my area have visited this hospital along with me and each one of them is relieved of their complaints. "

Laxmibai Siddarna Battali. KARNATAKA

"For last two years, I was sick with dysentery. Was shown to various Doctors. Endoscopy was done. Tissues from the Intestine were sent to Bombay Hospitals for further testing. For2 years, different diagnosis like TB intestine or Cancer of intestine were made for which I took different treatments, but instead of getting relief, my complaints increased. On 31st May 2008, was admitted here. I was given the small medicated globules which miraculously started working from the first day itself & from the 2nd day onwards I could experience the difference what called as relief. The relief lead to cure which can’t be described in words. Discharged on 17th June 2008.
I was Permanently cured and mentally relieved."
Madhuri Bankar, Nashik

"Both the hands stopped working. There was no movement in right leg also. I almost became crippled. MRI done. It was found that some fine tissues in the Brain were damaged and required a serious Surgery.

Money was no problem. I had been a Finance Manager in Bajaj Auto, and they would have paid the bill gladly. But I wanted a safer route. On 16th June 2008, came here on the advice of a friend. He said that you have seen Hospitals and surgeries, but here you will see some unbelievable results. In a month, now I am alright. Walking independently & functioning of hands restored. It’s a wonder. A wonder of Dr.Nikam. "
Mr. D. C. Shah, Pune.

"I was diagnosed Upper Motor Neuron Disease.( The motor neuron diseases (MNDs) are a group of progressive neurological disorders that destroy cells that control essential muscle activity such as speaking, walking, breathing, and swallowing.) I lost sensation in my legs– so badly that even when my legs were once burnt accidently I did not feel any sensation. In Aug. 2007, I was totally bed–ridden. The doctors in Balrampur District Hospital, Lucknow, told me that there was no treatment for this disease."

Indu Mishra. Dist. Jaunpur, U.P.

Doctors’ Report :
"Indu Mishra came to Hospital on 24th Sept.2007. Within 2–3 days, patient was relieved of her swelling which was present all over the body. The heaviness, which she had in the lumbar region reduced initially followed by relief of heaviness in the thighs and legs.

But soon I noticed the movement of her toes, which was just impossible for her previously. Later she started realizing sensations over her legs like hot, cold, touch, and pain.

After about a month she started turning on either sides of the bed, started sitting up on her own without anybody’s help. Gradually she could stand up and walk with support. There was continuous improvement in her condition and now, she ‘can’ walk without support.

So in this case Homoeopathy has challenged modern science, which is of the opinion that, there is no cure to destruction of nerve cells. But it is proved now that by proper simillimum such marvelous success is possible."

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