Date 03.10.2011 
Dr. Amarsinhaji Nikam,
Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital and Healing Centre,
Pimpri Gaon,

Respected sir,

This letter is to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. Your success in treating Baby Netra is path breaking and remarkable.

She is suffering from a rare Genetic Disorder due to marriage between close relationship. The baby was alright till the age of ten months. She achieved all milestones (teething, walking, crawling), etc.) on time.

But after ten months to 18 month duration, she was struck with this disorder. Her mother and grand mother came to Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital & Healing Centre from Dubai as a last resort. All the Allopathic Child Specialists washed their hands off the case.

In their opinion there is no cure.

The LEIGH's patient (Baby Netra) is certainly showing marked improvement. She started recognizing me after a interaction of about 5-6 hours. Initially she was very apprehensive and started crying after looking at me. Slowly she became more and more friendly. She took some toys from my hand. Lastly she gave me a huge smile at the end of the day. Also there was some sort of bye-bye signal from her when i was leaving for home. According to her mother she slept very nicely for the last two days. Also on Friday, only after one dose; she was more comfortable during the night after many days.

I really appreciate your courage in accepting such a difficult case for treatment. I have read the details of Leigh's disease and about the prognosis for infants. It takes rare courage and grit on the part of the physician even to take on such a tough patient. The weight of the expectations of the relatives is really awesome. They come here expecting a miracle. Your stand on the whole situation is extremely ideal. This is what all new homoeopaths should learn from you including (in-house) doctors. Unfortunately they have not realized your greatness, compassion and genius. Anyway, there is always darkness below the lamp and nothing can be done about it.

This case will be a milestone in the research on this rare neurological and metabolic disorder. I am thankful to you for taking this case. As we have lost our two children due to miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, we know the value of a healthy child. Please help Priyalakshmi and baby Netra as much as possible. I am sure nothing is impossible to Dr. Amarsinha Nikam when he puts his genius and compassion to its limit. Please do so for our sake.

Nitin Padmakar Sathe
(Web Architect and software consultant)

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