Social Responsibility 'Patna Seminar' Concluded On 30th Jan 2011

'Patna Seminar' Concluded On 30th Jan 2011

Patna Seminar

Two day Homoeoathic Congress was organised at Patna by Dr. Sahani Research Institue on Drug Transmission and Homoeopathy.

Many stalwarts like Dr. Ramaji Singh (Chairman of Central Homoeopathy Council), Dr. Amar D. Nikam (Founder of world's First private homoeopathy Hospital), and Dr. M.K.Sahani were present.

Dr. U.K. Verma elaborated on the life and works of Dr. B.Sahani. He described him as a great researcher and homoeopath.

Dr. Amarsinsha was the honorable receipient of this year's Dr. B. Sahani memorial award.

The seminar was attended by four hundred students of homoeopathy, practcising doctors and renowened researchers.It was no doubt a resounding success.

The congress was inagurated on 29 january by Dr. Ramji Singh. Later in the day the film "pratisaad" was shown. It is world's first film with homoeopathy as its theme.

Patna Seminar
Parna Seminar

Dr. Amar D. Nikam gave a very memorable and authentic speech on 'Emergency Prescribing in Homoeopathy'

Patna is a rapidly developing city. It is a city of Samrat Ashoka and Lord Buddha. It is also a city with homoeopathy as a first line of treatment for the majority of people. It is a very good thing that more than eighty percent of homoeopaths practice only homoeopathy. They do not use any other method although they are legally permitted to do so. But they do not practise classical homoeopathy. They use combinations. Dr. Amarsinha explained them the advantages of using single medicine with minimum potency.

Dr. Nikam has also told them that for doing homoeopathy you have to follow its cardinal principles. He also asked, “What is the meaning of Similia Similibus Curenter?” to which answers were given only half correctly by the audience.

After that Dr. Nikam presented the case of ‘Myopathy, Pumpe’s Disease’ in which the patient was admitted in I.C.U. of a super specialty Hospital in Pune, Maharashtra. The patient later was shifted to home saying that “Now, the patient’s condition is worst and there is no more any hope.” The disease and complaints were explained to the audience. The condition of the patient in a video was really shocking. He was not able to walk, even unable to move his legs. He was not able breath properly without ventilator.

Everyone was eager to know about the follow-up of the patient. Dr. Nikam asked the audience about the totality & remedy. Everyone was trying their best to come at the perfectly similar selection. Even though they were talented & best homoeopaths, they didn’t find the right choice. Finally, Dr. Nikam announced the name of the remedy. It was new to some people.

He also showed the follow-up of the patient which was unbelievable. The patient was talking and walking freely. He was completely fine. His wife said that “Dr.NIkam has given a new life to my husband!!”

After that lunch time was announced, but audiences were having much more hunger about Homoeopathy. They went to buy the books on Homoeopathy by Dr. Nikam. There was a huge & excited crowd at the counter. As a result all the books sold out completely within a short span of time.

In the second session, Dr. Nikam showed three more cases about “Emergency treatment in Homoeopathy” which included AIDS, Acute Appendicitis and HIV +ve.

Dr. Nikam also elaborated his experiences about emergency in Homoeopathy. He has treated severe Hypertension, Breathlessness in air travelling, the last stage of cancer and many more such cases.

Dr. Nikam also educated the practitioners about many more things in Classical Homoeopathy. He also utilized Dohas by Saint KABEER, to establish a good friendly rapport with the audience.

n Q & A session, all homoeopaths were excited to ask many questions about clinical practice & Homoeopathy. There were questions such as “Is 30 Potency useful in emergency also?” “What are the procedures to maintain a well equipped Homoeopathic Hospital?” “What are the roles of Thermals & Miasms?” etc…..

Dr. Nikam satisfied everyone with his authentic response to every question / query.

Hastily, Seminar ended up with the Award ceremony.

The certificate of Dr. B.K.Sahani Memorial Award was given to Dr. Niakm for his social work and path breaking research in Homoeopathy!! Many delegates who came from Nepal, Bengal, etc. were also rewarded.

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